Pacifico Optical Collaborates With Man of Many

Luxury Australian eyewear label Pacifico Optical has collaborated with men’s lifestyle publisher Man of Many to create two limited edition unisex frames which will be sold exclusively online and via the brands summer pop-up store, shop 1, 95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach.

“I was looking to work with somebody outside of the immediate design category when I met with Scott and Frank for various other trajectories. It dawned on me then, these guy’s aren’t only in touch with my target market, they are my target market.” says Pacifico’s artistic director, Alain Guglielmino.

Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell publish one of Australia’s leading men’s platforms and were finalists in Mumbrella’s Consumer Publication of the Year award 2017. Man of Many rank’s in the top 15 influencers in Australia.

Man of Many’s relationship to Pacifico Optical began long before the collaboration was first tabled in 2017. As publishers of the male-focused editorial site their knowledge of the eyewear market and overall fashion landscape is second to none.

“We work closely with a lot of eyewear brands, most of which are subsidiaries of the luxury manufacturers — Luxottica, Marchon and Safilo Group — so when we first discovered Pacifico we were surprised at the truly high-end product a local artisan was able to produce.” says Man of Many publisher, Scott Purcell.

Guglielmino took his production education from the factories in Italy and merged it with formal design training in visual arts and engineering. Now a successful artistic director in his own right, he blurred the lines of traditional design to create the frames, and injected a little Aussie intuition into the process.

“The boys indicated the style of frame they felt was most relevant to their aesthetic, and I suggested that we tweak the frames proportions in ways to come up with an entirely new model.” adds Guglielmino.

The sunglass model used was the brands iconic Buckler round-frame fashioned from Italian-cast Mazzucchelli acetate. Arthur and Purcell carefully considered the colour-coding process of matching acetates and lenses, while Guglielmino worked on refining the overall shape.

“I wanted to take transparent frames, which are so on-trend, and move away from traditional clear and Champagne colours. I chose a golden-amber acetate to reflect summer and the Australian beach culture, and contrasted the frame with bottle-green lenses to reflect the ocean.” says Purcell.

A Man of Many wordmark logo has been added to the inside of the frames arm, while an engraved M monogram replaces the traditional horizon cut-out detail of regular Pacifico frames.

“The shiraz-colour are a modern take on fashionable black high-gloss sunglasses. Under the light you pick up the rich red tones, but against the face they’re less bold and retain a subtlety.” adds Arthur.

The Pacifico Optical x Man of Many collaboration frames are limited to 100-only of each colour-way and will be sold exclusively online at Pacifico Optical; and Man of Many;, and for a limited time via the Pacifico Optical summer pop-up, shop 1, 95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach.

Source: Pacifico Optical

Magnum Launches This Season's Most Indulgent Accessory: The Magnum Fashion Collection

Magnum has launched their first ever local fashion inspired ice cream range, ‘The Magnum Fashion Collection’. Combining Magnum’s chocolate and ice cream expertise with contemporary Australian fashion design, the three new artisian-inspired Magnum flavours will deliver premium ice cream lovers with the ultimate indulgence this season.

Magnum, alongside renowned Australian fashion designers – Bec+Bridge, By Johnny and Romance Was Born has co-created a trio of Magnum ice cream flavours to ignite the indulgent pleasure one feels when wearing the latest runway fashion.

The launch featured three NEW flavours ready to eat, hot off the runway to your freezer…

The Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Magnum mimics the whimsical, out of this world and colourful collections of Romance Was Born through the tangy Raspberry Ice-cream and swirled chocolate sauce representing the vibrant, wonderful and coveted label.

By Johnny partners with Magnum for the vibrant flavour Hazelnut Salted Vanilla. A simple twist on traditional Magnum flavours, reflective of By Johnny’s simple silhouettes and effortless style with a modern edge, like the hint of salt in the new flavour.

Bec+Bridge, a Sydney-based label known for elegant lines and chic silhouettes are paired with Magnum Dulce de Leche Caramel, their packaging design representing European summer – a favourite holiday spot for the unique Bec+Bridge girl.

The Fashion Collection has been spotted being sported by Australia’s most stylish & fashionable influencers; the ‘Magnum Muses’. Comprised of nine of Australia’s hottest trendsetters, Magnum Muses forms the ultimate girl squad.

  • Fashion, lifestyle and travel guru Lisa Hamiliton of See Want Shop, a down to earth Melbourne girl.
  • Tahnee Atkinson one of Australia’s most in-demand models and ‘It girl’.
  • Self-confessed street style blogger Rachel Tee Tyler. 
  • Ksenija Lukich, Australia’s E! Host.
  • A certified accountant-come-blogging ingenue, Vydia Rishie.
  • Melbourne based Holly Titheridge, co-creator of fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Base Colour’, showcasing her love for fashion and creative styling.
  • Australian TV & film actress Mavournee Hazel.
  • Jiawa Liu, founder of style and lifestyle platform, Beige Renegade, is the master of living, dressing and thinking simply.
  • Super-blogger Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life.

The Magnum Muses have hit the streets with Australia’s leading street style photographer and creative director, Lee Oliveira to show just how to spice up your style with the Magnum Fashion Collection and their matching ‘COOL IT’ bags. It is this season’s most indulgent and stylish accessory. Whether you’re racing to a meeting or off to meet the girls, the COOL IT bag is the perfect way to keep your Magnum Fashion Collection ice creams cool for those indulgent moments on the go.

Source: Magnum

@lifelikelara joins Gigi Hadid, Jess Hart and Shanina Shaik as face of Sea Folly

An opportunity like no other. A chance to be discovered. To inspire others and live the dream as a face of Seafolly. Last summer on November 16th, 2017 Seafolly launched the #FACESOFSEAFOLLY social campaign which invited women everywhere to become a face of Seafolly and have the opportunity to join the impressive portfolio of past faces including Gigi Hadid, Jess Hart and Shanina Shaik.

With over 27 finalists and 2,500 entries from women around Australian, South African Born, now Sydney based aspiring model, and Faces of Seafolly winner Lara Schroeder was a stand out from the beginning and is someone who Seafolly believes is beyond a model and personifies the Seafolly spirit perfectly. With Lara’s inspiring and motivating words Seafolly was naturally drawn to her, embracing her natural beauty, living an active and healthy lifestyle and flaunting her flaws – she is the perfect brand advocate for Seafolly.

In Lara’s words a Face of Seafolly “Embraces her own natural beauty, she has a healthy mind and body, and she encourages others to be just that. She’s comfortable in her own skin, she lives a healthy and active lifestyle whilst not being afraid to treat herself and uses every single opportunity to motivate, inspire and encourage others to be and to love who they are.” 

What made you enter to #FOS competition?

From the moment I read what the Seafolly Spirit is and represented, I felt I was destined to enter the FOS competition. I have always used my Instagram platform to spread inspiring and motivating messages that encourage people to embrace their natural beauty, to love and accept others, to be active and real, to not give up on their dreams and just enjoy life. Learning about what the Seafolly Spirit is, I felt as though I have always been a Seafolly Girl at heart.

What did the competition mean to you?

Of course any one would love the idea of starring in their own campaign and potentially gaining a very large amount of followers on social media. I too had stars in my eyes whilst thinking about my very own Seafolly

photoshoot but what really resonated with me was being able to spread my positive messages to more people around the world. I don’t see followers as just a number on my social media account, I see every new follower as a new person that I can inspire and motivate whilst I am chasing my own dreams.

How did you feel winning the #FOS competition?

I honestly couldn’t believe it, I still can’t! I expected a girl who resembles your typical “beach babe” with tanned skin and blonde hair to win; it’s the reason why I feel like I have had difficulty breaking into the modelling industry in Australia. So when a girl with fair skin and dark hair won the FOS competition, I felt more compelled to celebrate! Not only does it show that Seafolly is accepting of all girls but it proves that hard work and perseverance pays off. Definitely an unforgettable moment and one to be proud of.

How do you feel when you’re wearing Seafolly?

Seafolly offers such wide range of swimwear that it will be difficult not to find something that doesn’t fit your body shape perfectly. Because of this I can throw away all of my insecurities, worries and doubt out the window. What’s left is a girl who is confident, flaunts her flaws and she’s happy and comfortable in her own skin.

Tell us a little bit about your upbringing and how it has shaped the person you are today?

I was born in Pietersburg, a small town in South Africa and I moved to Australia 6 days after my 16th birthday. Growing up in South Africa was a VERY different to life in Australia. At a young age you are quickly exposed to an extremely competitive environment at school, both academically and in sport; in Australia sport is considered as an extracurricular whereas in South Africa it’s considered just as important as math or English. Unfortunately due to the competitive environment at school, cliques amongst the students are formed. I was part of the school’s netball, athletics and cricket team and I was an academically strong student, yet I was never part of any of the popular cliques. Naturally I challenged the culture, I stood up for people being bullied and I befriended those without friends or considered as outcasts. Fast forward to my first day in Australia where I immediately felt accepted, I quickly adopted the laidback Aussie lifestyle and I experienced freedom for the first time. All of this only scratches the surface of my story but the above definitely played an important part in shaping who I am today.

Why is it important to you to stay healthy and active?

First I’d like to say that everyone’s definition of healthy and active will be different. Personally I eat big, well-balanced meals while treating myself often, as well as staying active by running and doing 30min workouts on alternating days. By living this lifestyle I feel my body, mind and soul thanks me for it. Staying healthy and fit is absolutely crucial to being happy on a daily basis and feeling good about yourself at the same time – that to me is why this is so important.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence = Loving your strengths and flaws equally! I truly believe that our differences are what makes us unique.

Seafolly welcomes Lara to the Seafolly family of iconic faces and looks forward to launching 2019’s competition early November.

Source: Sea Folly

Longines Ambassador Of Elegance Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Opens Longines Sydney Boutique

Longines has had the pleasure of inaugurating its newest Boutique in Sydney, Australia. On this occasion, Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aishwarya Rai joined Longines Vice-President and Head of International Marketing Juan-Carlos Capelli to perform the official ribbon cutting ceremony.

As the Official Timekeeper of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) and Official Partner of the Queen’s Baton Relay, Longines also welcomed the Queen’s Baton to the Boutique during the event.

“We are very proud to have opened our Australian Boutique in this extraordinary venue and to provide our customers with the opportunity to discover our watches in an elegant environment reflecting the DNA of the brand,” said Mr Juan-Carlos Capelli. “Longines is very proud to be part of the upcoming Commonwealth Games as the Official Timekeeper, as well as the Presenting Partner of Athletics, Gymnastics and Rugby Sevens, and Co-Presenting Partner of Table Tennis. We are looking forward to seeing many record-breaking performances during these ten days of intense competition.”

During the event, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said, “I am delighted to be in Australia to inaugurate this beautiful store and to have the honour of welcoming the Queen’s Baton for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. I am proud to have been part of the Longines family for the past decade and am equally proud to be part of the Commonwealth, celebrating in the lead up to what I’m sure will be a very exciting 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia in just 60 days.”

Longines Friend and athlete Amy Pejkovic had the honour of bringing the Queen’s Baton to the Boutique. The young athlete later posed as the sun was setting over the Sydney Harbour Bridge wearing the Conquest V.H.P. Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Official Watch of GC2018. The exceptional timepiece displays an engraving of the Gold Coast 2018 logo with the mention “Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth  Games”.

The Queen’s Baton, which arrived in Australia on 24 December 2017 and carries a message to the athletes from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is now travelling across all states and territories of Australia to arrive on the Gold Coast in time for the Opening Ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games on 4 April 2018.

Longines is proud to be the Official Timekeeper and Partner of this large multi-sport event that will be held from 4 to 15 April 2018 in Gold Coast and gather athletes from seventy Commonwealth nations and territories.

Source: Longines

Myer Signs Three Year Partnership with Mardi Gras as the Exclusive Fashion and Retail Partner

Myer has signed a three year deal as the exclusive fashion and retail partner and major sponsor of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Myer CEO Richard Umbers and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras CEO Terese Casu announced the partnership today in Myer’s Sydney City Store, alongside Australian designer and marriage equality advocate, Jayson Brunsdon, and local Mardi Gras performers and dancers.

As the fashion and retail partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Myer will stand together with leading Australian businesses to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and broader community.

Richard Umbers, Myer Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Myer is delighted to announce our partnership as the major sponsor, and fashion and retail partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This partnership is about being a positive voice for diversity and inclusion, and reflects the views of many of our team members who work across the business.”

Terese Casu, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras CEO, said:

“We are delighted to have Myer as the exclusive fashion and retail partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This Festival we celebrate all the amazing activists and leaders who have fought tirelessly for our rights over the last four decades. We also invite and welcome our new friends, such as Myer, to join the festivities to celebrate 40 years of fabulousness.”