Zeta-Jones frocks up in Collette Dinnigan

Catherine Zeta Jones joined some of Hollywood’s well-seasoned stars (read: older) to celebrate to honor one of their own brood. Who just happened to be her husband, Michael Doulgas.

The award _ the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Awards _ honored Mr Douglas with various reports telling us that his Welsh-born wife had a number of costume changes.

Including one into Sydney-based designer Collette Dinnigan when she got up on stage to do a number or two.

Nice to Ms Dinnigan’s international following is still a happening thing considering the GFC and an increasing Aussie dollar, making exports a tad more expensive than twelve months ago.

Other celebs in the throng were Kathleen Turner (who co-starred with Douglas twice); Melanie Griffith, Annette Bening, Sharon Stone and Jack Nicholson.

Exit, stage left, skinny models . . . as if !!!!

EVERY so often the issue of using ‘real’ bodies rears it’s figure-hugging head in the fashion world.

The latest protagonist is UK Vogue’s revered and credible Alexandra Shulman (left) whose weighed in on the debate, saying that couturiers should be making their ‘sample’ size clothing bigger, basically to fit in with the ever-changing shape of women.

And more importantly, so young girls aren’t encouraged to look like malnourished heads-on-sticks (you know the type) when they would be much better looking like Pink.

So yes, the weight debate is a given in the modelling world – even Anna Wintour instructed Oprah to lose weight before she would put her on a US Vogue cover.
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