'Super' model detained in Paris by cosmetic surgeon .. oh and how I hate that 'super' term . .

Supermodel detained in Paris World Breaking News News.com.au

As brief as the above story is, on fast-moving website news.com.au, it seems hilarious (if it is to be true) that Dutch model, Karen Mulder, would be ‘detained’ in Paris by police for alleged threats to her cosmetic surgeon.
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Robby Ingham says the Paul Smith mens show ended with a tasteful MJ and Thriller moment . .

Sydney designer retailer, Robby Ingham, has been ‘doing’ the European fashion circuit since 1983, so he is no stranger when it comes to the ebbs and flows of the fashion business. Stocking the likes of Paul Smith, Martin Margiela, Acne jeans, Steven Alan, Neil Barrett, Dries van Noten (spring/summer season shown in this pic, courtesy of bbc.co.uk) and Marc Jacobs (at his Paddington and MLC centre CBD stores), he says there’s a whole real new fashion mood out there. And he’s sure of this: The Russian’s ain’t coming.
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Nicole Richie - just for fun, a few of her favorite things have landed in Australia . . .

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Time for the Shire and Sharks to shine . . . with a chick the helm.

Good on Madeline Tynan, who is determined to become the first woman president of an NRL club.

And of all clubs, the good old Sharks, who behavioural track record is as rosy as Gordon Ramsay’s rants, may just get the tonic it needs.

Determined the win back female fans – aren’t all NRL clubs? – this strong, no-nonsense woman will have a big job in front of her.

With the recent group-sex revelations, allegations of sex toys being handed out at training (some of the vaguer boys may have mistaken them for relay batons) and of course, Tony Zappia’s recent standing down as the Sharks chief executive just a few minor blokey issues she’ll need to address.
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Is it the end of the mega runway fashion show? Has the GFC turned fashion into another GFC _ the Glamor Free Catwalk?

The International Herald Tribune’s highly regarded fashion editor Suzy Menkes (pictured left) had some interesting words of wisdom in the New York Times, June 15.

In a nutshell, Ms Menkes (who I had the pleasure to sit with at a few Milan shows when I was able to weasel my way from row P and whoosh into a surprisingly vacant Row A runway seat) takes her fashion as seriously as a surfer does his/her big break.

Ms Menkes wonders whether ‘this generalized move toward practicality (is) a new attitude in the industry toward serving customers — or a last resort in a tumbling market?

While serious fashion aficionados marvel at models, the new design names, the ‘next hot’ shapes and colors, Ms Menkes wonders whether all this brand building and image making is being challenged with fashion houses concentrating on clothes THAT. WILL SELL.

Take at read of her view below...

Reality Check — or Last Resort? – NYTimes.com