My Opinion: Why slamming Helena is ageist and ridiculous

I’m still in some kind of sartorial shock about the ex fashion mag editor who has come out to say Helena Christensen – one of the most ‘genetically blessed’ models of our time – is ‘too old’ to wear a bustier.

Have you seen those pictures?

Helena just looks like a wonderful female, happy to be wearing something she wants to wear. It’s a simple as that. Helena has always had her own sense of style – one that is understated, natural and for probably many of us, quite enviable.

Sure, we all love dishing out our style judgements – me included when it comes to some questionable red carpet choices – but here we have a glorious looking woman in a simple pair of denim flares and a black lace bustier that to me, serves no purpose more than making her look mighty good.

By telling someone like Helena (a former ‘supermodel’ from the late 80s and early 90s) that she basically looks like crap in a bustier, what kind of message is that sending that to the rest of us?

The rest of us who, may be a little on the chubby side, maybe not as tall and slim as her, maybe already wrestling with body image issues? It is basically saying once you hit a certain age ‘ladies’, it’s time to cover up so no one has to see your skin or figure ever again.

“We might like to think that 70 is the new 40 and 50 the new 30, but our clothes know the true story,” 61-year-old Alexandra Shulman, the former editor wrote, calling Christensen’s look “tacky” and comparing it to “the madam in a one-horse town”.

“Something you wore at 30 will never look the same on you 20 years later. Clothes don’t lie,” she added. “When women’s bodies no longer serve any child-bearing purpose, we find flaunting them disturbing and slightly tragic. I don’t claim that this is fair. But it’s true.”

In a piece posted today on  it goes on to say that Helena was a guest at the denim themed birthday party of 24-year-old model, Gigi Hadid.

After the slapsown from Ms Schulman, it was heartening to see her runway alumni, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell both supporting Ilona and basically saying – ‘you go girl, where what you like!’

Clothes should not ever determine the person – sure, we wear them because we might think they enhance certain parts of our bosy, or they are appropriate for work, everyday or an event we are attending.

But for someone to come out and chastise a woman whose career has centered around showcasing clothes – – and has done a mighty fine job at doing it – just seems preposterous.

She looks bloody fantastic. And of course not all of us are going to look like that in a bus to you. But does it really matter? Having interviews later a few times, I know she would absolutely not give a stuff. She is a strong, articulate and wise woman and it would be water off a ducks back.

That said, who really likes to read unnecessary criticism about something that didn’t warrant criticism in the first place?

It’s just crazy.

So go forth Helena – and do and wear whatever you like.

By Melissa Hoyer

able2online Launches Mindful Online Marketplace

Bringing sustainability and social responsibility to the forefront of the style conscious, Australia’s newest online retail platform, able2online, has launched to offer a carefully curated collection of fashion forward brands with an ethical edge across beauty, jewellery, apparel and home.

After long discussing the lack of a single store, online or otherwise, that sold a large range of sustainable and chic products, Melbourne-based founders Dee Peters and Kerry Hodge discovered a gap in the market for an online destination selling brands who care about sustainability, and were mindful about producing in a beautiful and considered way.

With Dee the self-confessed brand hunter and lover of all things minimalistic and chic, and Kerry the look maker, more strategic, pragmatic, earthy one, the pair were passionate about reducing their impact on the planet without sacrificing good style or functionality, and so able2online was born.

Applying their combined 25 years of expertise in the brand and marketing industries, their pursuit of the finest possible products that are ethical, sustainable and oozing with style has culminated in a digital platform that gives unprecedented access to a carefully selected array of the world’s most forward-thinking niche brands, mindfully and consciously created with heart and soul.

“We have been so energised finding brands across Australia and the world, with people behind the helm that really have their stuff together and are producing some of the amazing products that will last beyond the throw away cycle,” says Peters.

“These are brands that really represent something other than buy, buy, buy and are thinking outside the square; that are challenging conventions whilst being chic, minimalist, fashion forward and contemporary.”

With many labels exclusively available in Australia on able2online only, including Reverie, Heretic Parfum and Kayu Bags, and host to over 30 other independent and household brands covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle, the online shop offers a place where conscious consumers can make an informed purchase and feel positive about it.

“These are the brands that are going to stand the test of time because they are made with integrity, purpose and love. We want people to feel good about themselves and what they are purchasing, simply because it’s good to be able 2 choose,” says Hodge.

Paired with Sendle, Australia’s only carbon neutral courier, able2online also ensure packages are as environmentally conscious as the beautiful products they contain. Dee and Kerry are excited to share the fruits of their labour with the world as able2online launches officially in March 2019.

Source: Able2online

Taylors Wines 50th Anniversary Dinner and The Legacy Unveiling

The Taylor family has hosted a stunning dinner for 50 of their close friends and Sydney personalities to celebrate 50 years of the family-owned winery. The evening saw the unveiling of Taylors Wines highly anticipated release, The Legacy 2014.

Key faces in attendance included Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Sam Harris and Luke Hunt, Tom Derickx, Rebecca Vallance and David Gasan, Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe-Daddo, Rugby 7’s Ed Jenkins, Steve Flood, Nick Hardcastle, Matt de Groot and Lucy Polkinghome, who enjoyed an evening of exquisite food and fine wine set amongst the masterpieces of the Art Gallery of New South Wales iconic Grand Courts.

The Legacy 2014 is a wine three generations in the making and the very special night was hosted by members of the third generation winemaking family Mitchell Taylor, Justin Taylor and Clinton Taylor.

Managing Director and Winemaker Mitchell Taylor speaks of The Legacy, “This is a wine that speaks to our founding purpose – to craft new world wines that stand tall against those iconic wines of the old world. The event was a moment for us to reflect on an exciting 50 years, but also celebrate the setting of a new benchmark for future generations of Taylors to come.”

The night’s menu was curated and matched to Taylors Wines by the Chiswick at the Gallery team. Guests were welcomed with Taylors St Andrews Chardonnay 2017 and Taylors St Andrews Riesling 2012 paired with whipped goats cheese and basil tarts. This was followed by an entrée of pork pâté, pear, fig and sourdough served alongside a flight of Taylors St Andrews Shiraz 2010 and Taylors St Andrews Shiraz 2014, showcasing the evolution of Taylors Wines’ luxury shiraz production.

The hospitality continued as Taylors served each guest a glass of first growth, Grand Crus Bordeaux from the famed Château Lafite Rothschild – a wine that inspired the founding of the Clare Valley producer. This wine set the stage for the anticipated unveiling of The Legacy 2014, which was paired with a bespoke dish of lamb loin, caramelised onions, artichoke and blackberry.

The night culminated with a selection of Australian and international cheeses, as guests enjoyed a glass of the yet to be released Taylors The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (awarded the World’s Best Cabernet in 2018).

Only 1,080 individual bottles have been created of The Legacy 2014. This extremely rare wine will be available in select markets from 1 May in fine wine retailers and Taylors Cellar Door for $1,000 RRP.

Source: Taylors Wines

OROTON x W19' Campaign - tres Tasmanian chic!

In conjunction with Tasmania Tourism, OROTON hosted a trip into the wilderness as part of their AW19 seasonal launch. 

A total of six friends of the brand, including Carmen Hamilton, Kaitlyn Ham, Christelle Scifo and Bella Thomas, were invited to experience the best the region has to offer whilst staying at the iconic Pumphouse Point on Lake St. Clair.

Guests were submerged in the wilderness, taking in the highlands with fly fishing lessons with World Champion and veteran, Karen Brooks. Hiking, bike riding and canoeing was weaved into the experience, offering a new viewpoint to see the breathtaking surrounds.

Lunch was served lakeside from local produce, curated by renowned Chefs Adam James and Ali Currey Voumard. Both hailing from Hobart, Adam’s ‘Rough Rice’ implements fermentation techniques using the best local and seasonal ingredients.

Wrapped in wool blankets, guests feasted on freshly shucked oysters served in rustic fashion from the back of a traditional Land Rover. Once seated, delicacies including sea urchin, rye crisps with fermented shitake and hazelnut were served. Pirates bay octopus, with pink eye potatoes along with stripy trumpeter with split pea miso butter were both caught fresh for the occasion. Sweet finishes included fine apple tart and a selection of Tasmanian cheeses rounded out the unforgettable affair.

The three-day adventure ended with a pit stop to the historical town of Evansdale in Northern Tasmania, a picturesque town known for its antiques and weekend farmers markets.

Tasmania served as the backdrop for OROTON’s AW19 campaign. Aptly named, The Botanist, the collection features butterflies, insects and old wicker fishing accessories, direct references featured on the trip. This is the first wholly designed collection under Creative Director, Sophie Holt.

The group of lifestyle and fashion creatives included Izi Simundic, Kaitlyn Ham, Bella Thomas, Penny McCarthy, Sara Crampton, Carmen Hamilton and Christelle Scifo.

Tasmania Tourism partnered with OROTON to deliver the experience.

Source: Oroton

Polo style: tips on how to get into the Cable Beach, Broome vibe

If you’re planning on a trip to Cable Beach Polo in Broome. here are some helpful style tips from Peta Preston, the Official stylist/fashion consultant for Cable Beach Polo 2019. Go forth and get inspired!

2019’s Airnorth Cable Beach Polo is a bucket-list event, attracting polo players, A-list celebrities and style icons from across the globe. A carnival of luxurious events spanning three days, the event shines a spotlight on our beautiful North West and the paradise of picturesque Broome.

Beach Polo is your time to shine in the style stakes, and elegant summer casual is the order of the day. It’s warm and packed with action, so leave the traditional polo fashion and racewear at home in favour of sophisticated comfort.

If the thought of Polo fashion has you sweating like a horse, Personal Stylist Peta Preston has got you covered with her tips and style inspiration to help you look and feel your best!

It’s best to leave the stilettos at home.

Beach Polo introduces a quirky twist with sand as the flooring, so don’t be afraid to invest in a fabulous pedicure and go barefoot.  You won’t be the only one, believe me!

Hemlines can present a dilemma for the vertically challenged so if you feel incomplete without the height, a gorgeous wedge can elevate your look.

Accessories are key

Let your personality shine through your accessories. Have some fun with a bold pair of sunglasses or a colour pop statement earring.  Beach Polo has a more relaxed vibe so think less formal and more fun, sophisticated and chic. The humble headscarf trend is perfect for the polo and is a versatile accessory that can be woven into braids, tied around a ponytail or simply wrapped around the head.

Pearls and Broome go hand in hand, and it’s no secret that Paspaley are the most beautiful pearls in the world. You only have to take a peek at their Instagram to find loads of style inspiration for the region!

Fascinators are for the Fillies at the Races

The Polo is a fascinator free zone. Instead, opt for a headwear accessory, or a brimmed straw hat.  A small boater or a larger than life elegant wide brimmed hat is the perfect accessory for the Polo as they are understated, provide sun protection and add that perfect finishing touch to your summer ensemble.

One for the gents

Our male punters should curate their look with a ‘’less is more” philosophy.  Think tailored shorts in cool, breathable fabrics.  Add some wow factor with shirt textures and colour pop accessories.  A cuffed-up shirt exposing a masculine time piece really packs a punch.  Boaters and brogues will rule the polo turf and that ‘sockless’ look helps give your outfit a more effortless feel.

If (like me) you love a structured blazer, stick to lightweight fabrics and opt for brighter shades or cream palettes, given the elevated temperatures.  Nothing says Polo like a bright pocket square to add that chic colour pop.  Look sharp with a Fedora style hat and remember, sunnies are a must have accessory in sunny Broome.

Ladies who lunch

Dressing for the Polo can be tricky, especially considering the terrain (sand) and the temperature (hot).  Polo Fashion takes a different direction to what you wear at the track.  This is an opportunity to raise the hemlines but always remain chic.  Think casual, yet sophisticated as you would dress to attend a ladies’ lunch in the Hamptons.

Nothing says polo more than effortless crisp white and nude tones but if this isn’t your vibe, you can bet florals and frills will be out in force also.

Though Pretty Woman is nearly 30 years old, Vivian’s onscreen style continues to inspire.  The brown spotted print from her polo outfit has resurged as an in-demand pattern of the season, and polka dots in general are having a moment this year.

Be Confident

It’s no secret that assembling an outfit for a special event is like selecting social armour.  Your outfit may alter how you interact with people on the day and your overall enjoyment of the event.  When you look good, you feel great.  Our clothes speak before we do so ensure your outfit remains true to your signature style, so that you feel comfortable and confident!

See you on the sand! Yours in style, Peta.

*Guest post from Broome Cable Beach polo stylist, Peta Preston