Love Is Love. Aspen Snowmass Launches #TheAspenWay campaign.

For the new The Aspen Way campaign, Aspen Snowmass chose four words that represent the resort’s values of —love, unity, commit and respect. These words were built as art instillations and placed across the four mountains.

They are defined as:

Love: the unconditional act of sharing your heart with the person you choose. Free from judgment or prejudice.

Unity: overcoming differences and welcoming diversity. Working together to achieve more than we ever could alone.

Commit: boldly taking action in support of your beliefs. Not sitting idly by, but doing something to make a difference.

Respect: working hard to leave the world a better place than you found it.

The campaign was designed around the core values of Aspen Skiing Company and designed to give a public venue to amplify the core tenants of the business.

“Aspen Snowmass, as a destination, and Aspen Skiing Company, as a place of business with nearly 4,000 employees, has always been and will always remain dedicated to tolerance, open-mindedness, environmental sustainability and civility. We take our values and role as a corporate citizen seriously and will remain resolute in our commitment to ensuring a stable climate and tolerant, civil society,” says Mike Kaplan, President and CEO, Aspen Skiing Company.

Aspen Snowmass chose four words that represent the company’s core values as well as characterize who Aspen Snowmass is as a company. The four words were written large and placed on the four mountains of Aspen Snowmass—Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass.

In all cases, they represent the intersection of values and art in iconic locations across the company’s peaks. This season, the words will once again be placed on Aspen Snowmass’ mountains for guests to interact with as well as dive deeper into The Aspen Way conversation. The copy below was chosen to represent each of these values.

No one chooses love. It finds you. That’s the magic. Aspen fell for Gay Ski Week in the 1970s. Only regret is not finding each other sooner. Only question now is how do we open our hearts even bigger. Not just to people, but to the whole world around us. Love—it’s The Aspen Way.

The mountains don’t discriminate. Neither do we. Neither should anyone. Ethnicity, religion, race, gender-identity. We’re better together. On the mountain, at work, as a nation, as members of the human race. Unity—it’s The Aspen Way.

Sometimes respect isn’t passive, and means more than leaving things be. Sometimes it means sticking up for something. Like the environment, so the next generation can ski or ride. Or the value of science and the certainty of facts. Or even respect for each other. Respect—it’s The Aspen Way.

That knot in your stomach? A sign you’re about to do something uncomfortable, risky even. Could be dropping into the halfpipe or riding a chairlift for the first time. Could be heading to a street protest or speaking up when it’s not easy. Bottom line: it’s always worth it. Commit—it’s The Aspen Way.

Karsh Hagen was the lead agency on the concept and Public Works produced the physical word installations. Local film producer, Danny Brown was the principle videographer for the videos, and many Aspen Skiing Company employees were directly involved in the execution of the campaign.

For more information about The Aspen Way, visit:


Qantas customers travelling in First are set for an even better night’s sleep with a new range of luxurious bedding products created exclusively by Australia’s premium home and lifestyle brand, Sheridan, for the airline’s A380 First class suites.

The new bedding range marks the first stage of Qantas’ major A380 fleet cabin upgrade, including refurbished First class suites with new contoured cushioning and a larger, higher resolution entertainment screen.

Qantas Head of Customer Product and Service, Phil Capps said the bedding ensemble by Sheridan was part of the airline’s continued investment in passenger comfort on long haul flights.

“A comfortable bed combined with our focus on inflight nutrition and wellbeing are all part of our strategy to help our customers feel energised when they arrive at their destination,” said Mr Capps.

“Sheridan is an expert in comfort and we’re pleased to be working together to provide our customers in First with the ultimate luxury sleep experience.

The Sheridan bedding ensemble has been crafted using natural, luxury materials in neutral and soft earthy tones to match the First class cabin interior.

For the first time, customers will able to choose from a pillow menu featuring a selection of three styles to suit different comfort needs. Set on each seat prior to take off, Sheridan’s Ultimate Comfort Pillow is lightweight and soft with superior head and neck support. The Memory Foam Pillow and Feather & Down Pillow are available on request, all designed to help provide a comfortable rest.

The ensemble also includes a memory foam mattress which moulds to the body’s contours for total comfort and support while providing the pressure point relief advantages of memory foam, as well as super-soft Sheridan sheeting, a duvet cover made from soft-touch tencel, a 100% combed-cotton woven throw and a soft-touch bolster cushion.

Sheridan has also designed a soft baby blanket in pure cotton for infants aged under two years of age travelling on all international services in all cabins. Devoted to safety and comfort, the baby blanket adheres to the highest international safety standards and is approved by Red Nose (SIDs & Kids).

Paul Gould, Sheridan’s Group General Manager, said of the partnership: “Sheridan is celebrating 50 years of beautiful Australian living and we’re proud to partner with Qantas in 2017 to bring our trademark quality, craftsmanship and artistry to their First customers.”

“Our talented team of in-house designers have created a bespoke bedding ensemble that matches the unsurpassed luxury of Qantas’ First class offering. We have also created a beautifully soft baby blanket to ensure that even the tiniest of travelers are comfortable during their flight in all cabins.

We’re proud to partner with another iconic Australian brand that shares our ongoing commitment to excellence,” Mr Gould added.

The Sheridan designed baby blanket will be available in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First on all international services and the new bedding ensemble will be available in First class on A380 services to London, Dubai, Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth progressively from early October 2017.

Source: Qantas

20 of the World's Most Fun-Filled Destinations

We’ve recently carried out research revealing the World’s Most Fun-filled Destinations. We’ve explored a range of metrics from the number of amusement parks to the number of bars and restaurants, whilst taking into consideration the square km of these destinations.

The Top 5 countries that should be on your bucket list include:

  • The Netherlands – While also the number one for culture, the Netherlands boasts a huge array of museums and concert halls.
  • Cyprus – With 188 national attractions, 31 casinos and 32 museums, Cyprus was not overlooked in terms of its flow of culture and entertainment.
  • Belgium – Despite its small size, Belgium ranks third with 295 national attractions, 50 museums and 45 amusement, animal and water parks.
  • United Kingdom – From concert halls and art galleries to Michelin Star restaurants and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s a lot of culture to explore across the UK.
  • Germany– With the second highest number of Amusement, Animal and Water Parks, Germany has plenty of fun to throw yourself into.

You can see where your country ranks here.


Australian Skiers Fly to Aspen Snowmass On New Route

United Airlines have announced a new, non-stop service between Sydney and Houston, Texas. Not only will it be the only nonstop service between Australia and Houston, but is timed to connect perfectly with direct flights to Aspen Snowmass.

Inward flights will arrive in Aspen Pitkin County Airport at 1.52pm, in time for an afternoon ski. Departing flights leave at 3.10pm, allowing Aussies one last glorious morning of schuss before getting on the plane. The best part? Prices are from $1250 AUD for January 2018.

With new routes having recently been announced to Aspen Snowmass with Qantas through Los Angeles, and with Virgin last northern ski season, this is the third major airline announcement for the ski resort in four years. It’s a massive bonus for Australian skiers who are the resorts’ number one international market.

“We love Aussies, and they love our four mountains, authentic mining town atmosphere and incredible dining ”, says Jeff Hanle, Director of Public Relations, Aspen Skiing Company. “Australian skiers have been and continue to be our top internationals and more routes to get them here is extremely welcomed. Open up those skies and keep them coming.”

Alison Espley, managing director of Japan and Pacific Sales, says United Airlines is equally committed to the Australian market. “We are delighted to provide travellers from Sydney with unparalleled easy access to the U.S. and beyond through this new route launch. United carefully planned this route with the convenience and comfort of our customers in mind.”

These new flights only further cements Aspen Snowmass’s ties to Australia, which is now in it’s fourth year of holding an Australia Day (complete with vegemite and Tim Tams) and the Neil Perry (a resort Ambassador, along with Torah Bright) judged Food Competition with top chefs which have included interpretations of pavlovas, sausage rolls and lamingtons.

United Airlines will continue with direct flights via Los Angeles and San Francisco to Aspen Snowmass.

Source: Aspen Snowmass

Study reveals - Sydney in the Top 10 of the least stressful cities in the world

The 2017 Stressful City Index Study by online dry cleaning service Zipjet analysed causes of stress such as household debt, unemployment levels and poor mental health among other mitigating factors to determine the most and least stressful cities in the world.

Stuttgart, Germany is the least stressful city, ranking highly for green spaces, good mental health of citizens and family purchase power.

Baghdad, Iraq is revealed as the most stressful city, ranking low for public transport, unemployment rates, perception of security and gender equality.

Brussels, Belgium is the 2nd most stressful city in Europe due to high unemployment levels.

To select the cities in the ranking, Zipjet studied 500 locations based on data relating to the cities’ infrastructure, pollution levels, financial stability and the quality of life for its citizens.

Within these categories criteria such as household debt, perception of security, number of green spaces, unemployment levels, population density and racial & gender equality, were researched, along with additional factors which adversely affect mental health, such as number of sunshine hours.

Each factor was ranked out of 10 with a score of 1 indicating the least amount of stress and a score of 10 indicating the most. A final score was then calculated for each city to allow comparability.

“Mental health problems are on the rise worldwide, with stress being a trigger and contributing factor towards this increase. We hope that by pinpointing how the least stressful cities are managing this issue, those cities struggling with a stressed out population can overcome it.” stated Managing Director of ZipJet, Florian Faerber. “We’re happy to be a part of the wave of digitalization working to reduce stress all around the world.”

Source: Zipjet