Fun Mediaweek podcast: Molly, Charlotte Dawson, Brian Walsh & me, en route home from Olympics opening ceremony

Helloooo from London!

Driving back from the Opening Ceremony in the early hours of this morning and a quad of us were on a post-event high . . .

So, what great timing it was that Mediaweek editor and publisher James Manning and Triple M radio guru, Brendan Wood, grabbed us on the phone as we motored back to the hotel, to record one of their always great podcasts.

There was Director of TV at Foxtel; Brian Walsh (pictured) music guru, Ian 'Molly' Meldrum (below) Australia's Next Top Model, Charlotte Dawson (left and below).

Oh, and me, as the entertainment editor-at-large at giving our take on the whole Opening ceremony palaver . . . .

Take a listen. Molly is in absolute fine form! Get to the part where there is an unfortunate bathroom 'accident', but nowhere near as dramatic as the amazing recovery he has made since his near-fatal accident at the end of last year. He really is an extra-ordinary man . .  .

You'll hear a little bit about a wee slipping-in-the shower accident I had here too the first day I was here,  but with Nurse Dawson and Doctor Walsh in the Athaneaum house . . . you couldn't have asked for better medical assistance. Enjoy!

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Whatever happened to a backpack, sleeping bag and pay-phone? All this travel technology actually sucks

What is it always about long-haul flights that make me cry?

And more stupidly, what is it about all my assembled technology that it seems to be the most important part of my packing dilemma?

Forget the right frocks, shoes, travel-friendly clothes and event-appropriate attire, it’s all about making sure I have packed every damn bit of technology, including a zillion leads, downloading implements and cords. Gawd. More stressful than remembering to pack the Normisons.
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Ever wondered what a 1st class, pointy end of the plane flight is really like?

Before you get all ‘isn’t she a smarty pants’, I have an admission. I recently flew first class. To London.

Never fear, I bought the business class ticket but through some kind of divine Easter weekend intervention, the Etihad upgrade rabbit whooshed me right up the front on the two legs; the first to Abu Dhabi and the next to London.

Ok, with disclosure made, here’s what happened.
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Collette Dinnigan creates for qualia

Following on from her recent, Paris show (her 30-something effort as part of the official pret-a-porter calander) and from dressing Australian Oscar nominee, Jackie Weaver, leading fashion name Collette Dinnigan has turned her talent to... towels.

And, as the Queensland resort, qualia, is one of her favored hang-out’s, the designer has created a limited edition beach and pool towel for the luxurious and highly desired vacation spot.
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Kristy Hinze, Sportscraft and a peek at the mega boat Athena, what a sexy mix indeed

Ms Kristy Hinze-Clark wearing all-new Sportscraft

A very elegant afternoon indeed, on ‘Athena’ the mega boat owned by entrepreneur Jim Clark and his wife, the model and tv host, Kristy Hinze-Clark and currently moored at Campbell Cove in Sydney Harbour.

With a presence that rivals the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (both of which are currently looking down on Athena in Circular Quay) Kristy used the mammoth vessel as the backdrop for a chic shoot for the enduring Aussie fashion label, Sportscraft. As a fashion stayer, Sportscraft has a brand loyalty like no other and is testament to the owners, John Marshall and Andrew Michael of The Apparel Group, sticking to a saleable and streamlined aesethetic.
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