Broome gears up for Pinctada Cable Beach Polo festival. Chukkas!

Now this is sounding good as bikinis, board shorts and barefoot elegance is the dress code for Australia’s only beach polo event.
The Pinctada Cable Beach Polo 2013 will be played on the sands of iconic Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. Happening on May 18-19 the beach polo matches will also include an international clash being played during the weekend tournament.

The cornerstone of the Pinctada Cable Beach Polo Festival, the beach polo action is free to watch picnic-style from the beach or tickets can be purchased to the VIP marquee.

Festival Director Marilynne Paspaley is encouraging all spectators to dress for the occasion and participate in the ‘between chukkas’ fashion events on each day of the tournament.
Sand Chic will be held during Saturday’s beach polo action while Style on the Sand will be featured on Sunday with each day’s fashion event open to all spectators, whether they are enjoying the beach polo action picnic-style on the sand or from the VIP marquee.

“Pinctada Cable Beach Polo is an inclusive event and Sand Chic and Style on the Sand have been introduced to reflect this – these events are designed to involve spectators in the beach polo tournament and the emphasis will be on fun as well as fashion,” Marilynne says.

“The judges will also be looking for innovative styles that reflect the unique nature of Australia’s only beach polo event and its location. Pinctada Cable Beach Polo 2013 is played on the pristine sands of Cable Beach flanked by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and the Kimberley’s distinctive red pindan earth – we are sure this landscape will inspire some stunning and stylish beach chic creations.”

A panel of judges, including fashion leaders and polo players, will determine the daily winners in the ‘fashion stakes’.
The female winner of Saturday’s Sand Chic will receive a Paspaley yellow gold necklace while Sunday’s Style on the Sand female winner will take home a Paspaley Australian South Sea pearl necklace. The male winners of Sand Chic and Style on the Sand will each receive a limited edition 6-litre bottle of Bunnamagoo 1827 Cabernet Sauvignon, produced from the vines of historic Bunnamagoo Estate, one of the Paspaley family's vineyards in central NSW.

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A fabulous 'throw' from Ellie Aitken . . . Prue & Trude would be proud . . .

Just how chic is this? Like the luxe designer Ellie Aitken, everyone would pretty much like seeing their luxurious 80% Cashmere and 20% Merino 'throw' featured in the current issue of Belle magazine.

Ellie says it is the perfect wedding present, Christmas or birthday gift or just a great addition to throw ofver your legs as you watch the tele or read a bok!

Go to to purchase one for yourself . . . Smart indeed . . .

(image courtesy of Belle magazine)

A night in the bi-level penthouse of the Dorchester hotel, London.

A post like this deserved nothing much more than pictures. The entire hotel is nothing short of extra-ordinary, up-market and opulent.

Thanks to my great friend Eileen 'Red' Bond,  who had a few of her pals over for drinks while we watched the Olymoics including some swimming finaks, and a mighty killer view from the Mayfair hotel landmark, it was a perfect end-of-day tonic. with gin thrown in for good measure. . . .

The 2-level penthouse, which Red happened to acquire for a few day stay, used to be home to the Sultan of Brunei: he lived upstairs, the 'staff' downstairs. A touch of Downton Abbey, really.

The Dorchester is owned by the Dorchester Collection, which in turned is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA), an arm of the Ministry of Finance of Brunei. The Dorchester Collection owns luxury hotels in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Italy.

Funny fact from wiki: The Dorchester is mentioned in an episode of Fawlty Towers when a guest asks about the new chef Terry (played by Brian Hall). Sybil answers: "He used to work at Dorchester", which leads the guest to expectingly think he worked at The Dorchester. Sybil then gives the precision "No, in Dorchester".

The hotel was also featured in X Factor, in 2006, as the location for Sharon Osbourne's bootcamp stage of the competition.

Thanks Red. Always a great night with you. . . . . Now, back to reality.

Fun Mediaweek podcast: Molly, Charlotte Dawson, Brian Walsh & me, en route home from Olympics opening ceremony

Helloooo from London!

Driving back from the Opening Ceremony in the early hours of this morning and a quad of us were on a post-event high . . .

So, what great timing it was that Mediaweek editor and publisher James Manning and Triple M radio guru, Brendan Wood, grabbed us on the phone as we motored back to the hotel, to record one of their always great podcasts.

There was Director of TV at Foxtel; Brian Walsh (pictured) music guru, Ian 'Molly' Meldrum (below) Australia's Next Top Model, Charlotte Dawson (left and below).

Oh, and me, as the entertainment editor-at-large at giving our take on the whole Opening ceremony palaver . . . .

Take a listen. Molly is in absolute fine form! Get to the part where there is an unfortunate bathroom 'accident', but nowhere near as dramatic as the amazing recovery he has made since his near-fatal accident at the end of last year. He really is an extra-ordinary man . .  .

You'll hear a little bit about a wee slipping-in-the shower accident I had here too the first day I was here,  but with Nurse Dawson and Doctor Walsh in the Athaneaum house . . . you couldn't have asked for better medical assistance. Enjoy!

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Whatever happened to a backpack, sleeping bag and pay-phone? All this travel technology actually sucks

What is it always about long-haul flights that make me cry?

And more stupidly, what is it about all my assembled technology that it seems to be the most important part of my packing dilemma?

Forget the right frocks, shoes, travel-friendly clothes and event-appropriate attire, it’s all about making sure I have packed every damn bit of technology, including a zillion leads, downloading implements and cords. Gawd. More stressful than remembering to pack the Normisons.
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