Collete Dinnigan is no slave to try-hard trends

Having shown 27 collections in Paris, it was time for Collette Dinnigan to address an inner ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fantasy for her 28th.

“I always go with my heart and don’t follow ‘trends’ ”, Collette told me, down the phone line, just a few hours before her spring/summer 2010 show started in Paris.

“And while I say I don’t follow trends, I am told the collection is ‘on trend’ with what is going on in fashion this season.”

Collette showed her ‘Alice’ collection (which is for European and North American spring/summer 2010) in a salon in the Hotel Meurice, the pieces going from some tougher, all black evening pieces to some more whimsical, fresh, floaty and pretty print dresses.

In her collection notes Collette said the show showcased ‘A mirage of colour, prints and detailed embellishment, “Alice” takes us to her wonderland.

‘A journey of contrasts; soft hues with bold print and stripe, long and fluid. It’s a new freedom of spirit combining modernity with femininity.’
Collette’s commitment to luxury and style, using the best fabrics and finishes, fits in with the Paris catch cry of showing quality fashion house labels, many of whom are then slavishly copied by derivative ‘designers’.

“I still love showing my collections in Paris and because I am the only Australian designer on the French calender it’s special to show our collection to the rest of the international fashion world,” Collette added.

“I have designed bigger shapes and silhouettes and the blues, greens and soft palette pieces serve as a good contrast to the solid black pieces that I still love doing.”

Ms Dinnigan remains the only Australian to show on the official Chambre Syndicale du Pret-a-Porter Des Couturiers et Createurs de Mode schedule. Or the Paris fashion week schedule, in more simplistic terms.