Cordelia Cuddington’s continuation into the leather industry where she has been involved in since 2008 was a natural progression for her. Cordelia, who is notably known for creating the leather division at Fossil, took the business to a multimillion dollar category in a very short amount of time. The three-year growth of the Fossil leather category from a new account to a multimillion dollar business was under her expert guidance.

Cordelia say’s “The notion of CUDDINGTON started with one bag design that I wanted for myself because I couldn’t find anything like it in the market. The feedback from that first bag was amazing! Being the Managing Director of an international brand for 3 years my role expanded to Sales strategies, Marketing and PR, Finance Management and HR. It was an immense learning curve yet I realised I actually missed the creative side of this business and enjoyed every moment of designing, sourcing the best quality of leathers and creating a bag that I would use and love every day.”

After a careful thought process, CUDDINGTON was created and the name is something that goes as far back to the 7th Century in UK where Cordelia was born. “The history of the name is so vast and it carries so many wonderful stories so it is fitting that I carry the name and add the story of my journey to my family’s identity. It’s a name that has heritage, history and an air of aristocracy.”

The price points start at $399 up to $699. All pieces are leather lined with each material selected from a local leather supplier and meticulously handmade in Australia to ensure the utmost quality is upheld at all times.

Source: Cuddington