“I’ve always been inspired by the timeless beauty of roses.  Rose de Grasse represents the most rare and special of these flowers.” – Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, AERIN

Discover a new expression of rose.  AERIN introduces Rose de Grasse, the first parfum of the Premier Collection – a luxurious olfactive celebration of the most rare, expensive and artisanal perfumery ingredients re-imagined through the lens of Aerin’s style and creativity.  A modern interpretation of AERIN’s signature flower, the rose, AERIN Rose de Grasse celebrates this timeless symbol of beauty and femininity. 

Like an original piece of art, AERIN Rose de Grasse is meticulously crafted with an artisanal attention to detail. At its heart is a fusion of roses including the hundred-petaled Rose Centifolia, hand-picked in Grasse – the French capital of perfumery since the 16th century, where the history of fragrance is an art form. AERIN Rose de Grasse Parfum captures the complete, multi-dimensional beauty of the rose in one captivating scent – pristine, sophisticated, unexpected and iconic.