LIFE isn’t as high maintenance as you may think for a woman whose ‘Hollywood glamour’ look

would take most of us hours to perfect.

As famous for her burlesque performances as she is for exquisite skin and polished persona, Dita Von Teese has become a lingerie powerhouse.

The Dita Von Teese brand has been so popular in Australia that it has been bought internationally. Not bad for a shop girl who started work in a lingerie store.

“Everything I do seems to be relative from my first job working in a lingerie store which led me wanting to photographed as a pin-up girl wearing beautiful lingerie, which led to my interest in burlesque, which has led me to creating my own collection,” says Ms Von Teese.

Perched on a velvet lounge in a lavish Langham hotel suite, surrounded by a high tea trays and delicate porcelain cups, the setting is more movie set than interview space.

Yes, glamour is something Dita adores. She lives it and breathes it.

“I’m trying to remind people what glamour really means,” adds Ms Von Teese.

“For some it may be private jets and wealth and Louis Vuitton or all these things, but glamour is walking into a room and people wanting to know more about you and creating a mystique.

“We can be whoever we want to be and you don’t have to lament what you’re weren’t born with.

“Most celebrities travel with a ‘glam squad’, and that’s totally respectable, but I really want to encourage and inspire woman to put it in their everyday life.

“There is nothing I am doing that is magic. I do my own hair and make-up and it is just finding ways of infusing glamour into your normal life.

“I guess lingerie is a great way of doing it as it doesn’t take any extra time it’s just takes a little bit more careful selection and understanding

“You don’t just have to lead straight to the cotton white things to have something that is also functional.

“I am a ‘glamour evangelist’ and yes, I may take it a bit too far sometimes but sometimes you just need to be willing to try new things.”

The burlesque queen is in Australia unveiling her global spring and summer lingerie collection with the addition of new twists to her classic lingerie styles.

She is also debuting her loungewear collection in Myer and has gained a cult following internationally.

Designed to evoke the essence of the sultry 1950s glamour girl, the new lingerie range includes distinct touches of strappy detailing, velvet ribbons, delicate eyelash lace and sheer superfine mesh.

“To me, Australian style seems very feminine and I don’t see so much wacky dressing,” she says.

“It doesn’t seem to be a harsh kind of style.

As for everyday inspiration, it’s all about retro celluloid.

“I still watch old movies and particularly the ‘40s names like Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda as I think it was just a great time for hair and beauty and they have inspired me since I was a kid.”

Aside from her burgeoning lingerie empire, Dita’s burlesque career is still going strong but she says she is getting more into producing and directing other girls.

“I am gearing up to do some more shows and have some great ideas that I am hoping will all happen soon.”

By popular demand, Dita has continued her fuller figure designs that appeal her global fans with additions for women up to a size 20 and F cups in some of her styles.

“I am always so inspired when I see what other people wear and different shaped models and I get so excited when I see it on other body shapes,” she says.

“What I love is a certain thing or style looks better on fuller girls and that’s what I get really excited by.”

The lingerie range comes in sizes 8A — 20F in full figure briefs, suspenders, G-string and bikini while her new loungewear short style nighties are in sizes S-XL.

The new collection is available now exclusively at Myer stores nationally and online in Australia in sizes 8A — 20F.

Dita’s ‘sexy’ tips for everyone:

• Everyday I have to wear my red lipstick, I mean it takes seconds, yes seconds, but I literally don’t step out the door without it

• You have to NOT think about what other people think is sexy but what makes you feel good. If I want to seduce my boyfriend I don’t have to think ‘what do I have to wear’ as it should become effortless and natural.

• Being seductive or a seductress is about creating a space in your world that is seductive and it is part of your world that someone wants to be invited into, whether that is your home or the way you dress

• There is always time to include 1 thing in your life to make you feel glamorous.

• I love a tropical vacation but my absolute suggestion? Always use sunscreen, with a huge hat and an umbrella.

• The keys to looking good are NO smoking and always use a sunscreen

And with those words of wisdom, Ms Von Teese graciously says farewell before she sits down for a cup of afternoon tea.

Class act.

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