Dom Pérignon hosted ‘LUX’, an evening of luminous creativity, coinciding with Vivid Sydney. Guests gathered on the Sculpture Terrace at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in the dress circle of the harbour and experienced a dazzling evening of light, luxury and the world’s best Champagne.

Dom Pérignon collaborated with legendary Creative Director Tony Assness who produced the event, which has taken its moniker named the Latin term for light. Dom Pérignon and Tony Assness conceived an immersive experience blending light, sound and taste, a journey into the senses.

Guest including Stephen Ormandy, Louise Olsen, Christopher Esber, Michael Lo Sordo, Marina Afonina, Filomena Natoli, Travis Balcke, Steve Cordony & Monika Tu sipped Dom Pérignon served from glowing bottles, lasers etched graphic patterns across the Sculpture Terrace.

Later in the evening, dancer and installation artist Bhenji Ra performed, and DJ Valerie Yum and DJ Grass AKA Simon Pongrass donned the iconic Dom Pérignon Helmut and entertained guests with mystical tunes.

Dom Pérignon is the most prestigious Champagne House in the world. Created by Dom Pierre Perignon, since 1668, Dom Pérignon has been the favorite champagne of royal courts, stars and VIPs, attracted to the unique, rare Dom Pérignon style throughout all vintages. This year, we enjoy the Dom Pérignon of 2006, a vintage that as with every Dom Pérignon, embodies the Power of Creation.

Source: Dom Perignon