Remember the huge drama that surrounded the Qantas decision to enforce a dress code in its airport lounges?

Personally I was — and still am — absolutely all for it. I mean, it’s not that difficult or even expensive to look neat and respectable when you are about to jump on a plane.

But attempting to enforce a dress code for a trip into that bastion of culinary excellence, the zero-Michelin star eatery chain McDonald’s is just ludicrous.

Seriously, we are talking casual takeaway food stores not chic restaurants like Neil Perry’s Rockpool or Matt Moran’s Aria.

Chances are, particularly at this holiday time of the year, patrons of Macca’s are zipping in, either on their way home from the beach, back to their holiday shack or purely because they can’t be bothered cooking at home.

Sure, I have never quite understood how people who are fortunate enough to own shoes can walk out of the house and into a shop or munchery without them on, but maybe that’s just me.

But for a Melbourne McDonald’s store (which is near a swimming pool, by the way) to try and enforce the rule “No shirt, no shoes, no service” is just not going to happen.

Even Macca’s own current advertising campaign features young, ripped guys in boardies and no shirts and some cool chicks in cropped tops, simply because that isMcDonald’s.

It is not a fancy pants restaurant where, out of respect for the food and the venue, you get dressed up to enhance the eating experience.

While new innovations like ‘Create Your Taste’ burgers, salads and ‘cleaner’ foods have been demanded by Macca’s customers, one thing that won’t ever change is what you have to wear in order to buy it.

With McDonald’s, it is what is, so why meddle with tradition?

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This article was originally posted on news.com.au