FROM vowing never to do a fashion show ever again, Essex-born uber model David Gandy is the real deal.

Clever, charming, down-to-earth, witty, and yes, yes, yes, handsome, this 35-year-old is one clever cookie.

“When I did my first fashion week in Milan when I was 22, which I hoped to be my last, as fashion weeks are just horrendous,” says David.

“I vowed never to do it again. You’re treated like cattle.

“Not by Dolce & Gabbana, as they have a very different way as they have a very small casting of people they choose. You go to the offices and it’s all very civilised.

“But I couldn’t believe some castings where they have 400 guys lined up and they all try on the same sweaty T-shirts that has been tried on by the last 300 guys.

“The Dolce show was the only one I did in my first season and the association continued before we negotiated the Light Blue campaign and the relationship has built and continued and grown from there.”

It was after the huge success of being the face for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue men’s scent when a whole lot of other fashion houses came calling, hoping to get some dandy Gandy in their fashion shows.

“But hang on,’’ says David.

“I thought ‘where the hell were you guys when I was first here’? So no thanks very much!

“It’s the absolute loyalty between the two parties and there is a real loyalty between Dolce and me and that’s how I only like to operate.

“I don’t understand models who do one campaign and then they do all their rivals as well. You have to be clever about what you do.”

David echoes the words of fellow model Cindy Crawford when it come to brand loyalty.

“She says ‘I never want a one-night stand with a brand, I want a marriage’ and I think that sums it up perfectly.”

As the face of the Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance (that many women have taken a shine to as well) the globally renowned model is on a fleeting visit to Australia.

“I was in the studio for GQ yesterday here and I then actually had 4 hours of walking which I never, ever do,” he smiled.

“I feel guilty for doing that but is was just such a brilliant few hours of wandering to get a feel of Sydney.”

David, who is (allegedly) dating The Saturdays singer Mollie King, says he is not an avid social media user and you won’t see him splashed over gossip sites in constant party mode.

“I use social media purely for my work,’’ he says.

“You cannot be seen in the wrong places or with the wrong people as everyone is now paparazzi at the end of the day. One wrong image can ruin your whole brand.

“I put up the things on social media I am working on but I am very protective about my private life.

“I reply to people who support you and are loyal to you but I am very reticent to expose too much of my ‘other’ life.”

The Essex-born bona fide supermodel puts his success down to brand loyalty but it is his fitness and physique (obviously) that David has become as well-known. Let’s face it, the campaign pics are testament to that.

“Health starts in the kitchen,’’ says David.

“It is all about what you put into your body. I really, really do avoid processed anything.

“Only you can be in control of your own body and your own brand.”

As for the current state of the Rugby World Cup, David grimaces when we talk about the performance of his home team, England.

“That’s why I’m here at least!” he smiles.

“You guys are looking very good. But I can’t put any money on you, I mean, I am an Englishman!”

Philanthropy is something David is incredibly aware of and uses what contacts and time he has to help out wherever and whenever he can.

“Look, it’s fashion, we’re not curing cancer but if I can help charity and younger brands and can use my ‘celebrity’ then I am happy.”

And with that, he takes in his Sydney Harbour view one more time heads off to talk the talk.

David Gandy’s tips for looking good and staying healthy:

• Everything starts in the kitchen and it’s everything in moderation

• Stay away from processed foods, processed meats or packaged foods

• Stay away from white bread, pastas, high saturated fats and high sugars

• Exercise and getting your body in shape is all about repetition

• Crunches are a load of crock: “If you want to do the plank do it but your abs don’t just get into shape with crunches. Light weights and body weights are the things to do in repetition. Do ten of each and a stop for 45 seconds and just keep going. It’s all about repetition.”

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