As an ambassador for Heineken, model Erin Holland says the company has created a ‘Chatbot’ that features three stages for people to talk their way in to get on the coveted guest list for Heineken Saturday.

“The Chatbot will offer one winner in each state the chance to win a VIP Heineken Saturday experience at the Formula 1 2018 Grand Prix, including flights, accommodation and tickets for the winners and three of their friends,’’ says Erin.

“My Chatbot is known as ‘The Stylist’, which sets out fun style challenges to not only get people looking great for the F1, but give people the chance to win a new wardrobe courtesy of G-Star.”

The model spoke with Vogue ahead of the Formula 1 2018 Grand Prix, as she prepares to hold court at Heineken House–where Taboo and from the Black Eyed Peas are also set to perform.

What defines a look for a day at the Grand Prix?
“The F1 in Australia has really evolved in the last few years—it’s becoming increasingly fashion forward and glam event, where you can really make a statement with your look. I love the mix of street style and chic fashion on offer. It’s a great event to showcase your own individual style.”

What shoes are essential?
“There are many amazingly stylish, yet comfortable alternative to stilettos out there at the moment, and comfort is key on a track day. I would go for a block heel or a bootie so you have stability on grass and concrete, yet still feel chic. There’s nothing worse that destroying a great pair of heels by sinking into the grass all day!”

Are ear muffs/ear plugs mandatory?
“If you’re trackside, then definitely worth investing in. These F1 beasts are beautiful and loud.”

What kinds of colours work best trackside?
“I think a colour always pops best! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with crisp whites either, white will pop against the dark racetrack and is perfect for a day event.”

How would you describe the perfect outfit?
“I think the great thing about the F1 is that you can be versatile with your look. You can be fashion forward, chic and classy, or rock something street style. What I will say however is, that this is Melbourne and things can get cold! So perhaps work a light jacket into your outfit, if you’re someone who gets cold like me easily.”

What will you be wearing?
“Currently working on a few looks with my stylist—something edgy, fashion forward to complement the incredible race cars we will see on display. I’m definitely thinking a bold colour.”

You seem to be popping up all over the place, what is keeping you busiest?
“It’s been a really wonderful start to 2018 I must say! Apart from continuing on with my The Star Sydney, Brisbane BMW/Ferrari, Qatar Airways and Endota Spa ambassadorships, I am in Melbourne a lot during March with Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, and of course the highly anticipated Heineken Saturday. It will be my first appearance at the F1, and I can’t wait to spend it at Heineken Saturday.”

Do you have any tips when it comes to eating and drinking?
“I tend to abide by a flexitarian diet—flexitarianism essentially means that I always try to make the healthiest choices for my diet, whilst never depriving myself 100 per cent of anything. So if I’m heading out for dinner that night, I’ll try to keep it to salads, protein and vegetables during the day so that I can indulge in dessert later. I’ve also tried to cut down on my meat consumption—swapping to fish a few nights a week and completely vegetarian for another night or two. I am human though—I simply can’t kick my sweet tooth!”

“I’ve learned to make better choices when enjoying a drink out too—keeping things light with Heineken 3 is fantastic, because it has lower calories, lower carbs and a really fresh and clean taste. A mid-strength beer is perfect for a day event like Heineken Saturday.”

What is the best kind of handbag to take with you?
“I can’t stress it enough, take one that’s big enough for the essentials. Track days are big days in the sun, so something on trend with a shoulder strap for comfort, plus big enough to pack my race day saviour items.”

What should you pack in your bag?
“My race day essentials include Neutrogena Ultra Sheer travel size—a day in the sun means sun safety is key, sunburn definitely won’t go with my outfit. A foundation compact and Endota Spa lip and cheek tint for touch ups, and my small Great Lengths hair brush keeps my hair looking thick and fab in the elements.”

“Definitely sunglasses as it is a day event, so make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action because it’s too bright and uncomfortable to enjoy watching the race or the entertainment. And lastly, a Quest Bar or 2, because when hunger strikes and there aren’t any great healthy options around, a protein bar keeps me going.”

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