F IS FOR…FENDI celebrated its unique bond with the graffiti-art world presenting GRAFFITI, the new performance on the rooftop of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana.

For the very first time 8 street-artists from Rome interpreted the word “graffiti” with their own style by writing the word inside 8 world maps, each one personalizing his/her own world, symbolic of street-art and talent spreading out from Rome to the world.

A night performance showing artists painting with fluo-spray and giving life to unique colourful works of art in juxtaposition with the linear architectures and statues and of PDCI.

In addition to the 8 graffiti-world maps, 4 stars were painted at the 4 corners of the rooftop of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, symbolising the boundary-blind power of art.

In line with the F IS FOR… FENDI vision to celebrate the FENDI DNA with an authentic and young voice, this performance recalled FENDI craftsmanship and savoir-faire in a whispered and unexpected way.

The FENDI artisans will indeed recreate the GRAFFITI artworks using discarded materials during Les Journées Particulières further celebrating this unique bond in a continuous tension between tradition and innovation.

Source: FENDI