After struggling to find a swimwear label that was fashionable, made of quality material and looked good in all the right places, Sophie Henderson-Smart decided to launch her own swimwear label, Saint Somebody.

Saint Somebody celebrates bodies that have curves and the beautiful diversity of womankind, giving everyone the chance to wear a swimsuit that makes them feel good.

Created on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2017, Saint Somebody was founded by Henderson-Smart, a mum of two and lifelong Sydneysider. On a pre-European beach getaway, Henderson-Smart couldn’t find anything that catered to the curvier woman that wasn’t loud and garish, unflattering or made from cheap and flimsy material. After realising that there was a huge gap in the market, Sophie decided to create the product she had been searching for.

Founder Sophie Henderson-Smart has commented, “I love the water and I was unable to find a pair of swimmers that made me feel like I could comfortably and happily take on the beach or pool in style.”

“I wanted a product that ticked a basic list of needs that didn’t currently exist and knowing what was available in the mainstream market and online, I used my business and marketing experience to create the product I had been searching for.”

Consequently, a product was created that makes its wearer feel good. Saint Somebody is a brand that includes premium quality pieces that are flatteringly structured with seamless technology, clean lines and cool tones, allowing a diverse range of women to wear the collection with confidence.

Created by women, for women, Saint Somebody is grounded on celebrating diversity and enforcing inclusivity in fashion, creating genuinely amazing pieces with on-trend details for women size 14 to 20.

Designed in Australia, and ethically made in Bali, Saint Somebody is environmentally conscious in both production and distribution. Giving back to the planet is incredibly important to the brand and they have partnered with BIG1, a charity that uses the proceeds from each and every sale to assist an amazing array of global causes.

Saint Somebody are a meaningful and positive force in the world, wanting to spread good vibes to ladies everywhere, both in their hearts, and as soft seamless spandex on their beautiful bodies.
At Saint Somebody, they want you to dive into the world feeling fantastic and above all, yourself. Because you are not just a body, you are somebody.

– Prices range from $100 for bottoms, $100 for tops, $180 for singlet tops and $220-$240 for a full piece
– Size range is 14-20
– Colours available include; black, olive and smoke grey
– Available online only at from September

Source: Saint Somebody