Today, MEGASTAR announced the launch of its global talent competition with eight-time Grammy award-winning superstar Usher as the Creative Director, Head Judge, mentor and investor. MEGASTAR is set to be the world’s largest crowdsourced talent competition.

The innovative mobile competition features performers of any category from around the world competing to win $USD1 million, a role in a film produced by John Baldecchi and a variety of small cash prizes.

“What’s great about MEGASTAR is that it empowers both the Performers and the Fans. It provides talented people a free platform where they can get global exposure without the traditional gatekeepers.  It also puts the power in the hands of fans to express opinions and make decisions more than ever before,” said Usher.

“The mobile competition will also give people with many different types of talent a chance to win a life-changing grand prize. I am excited to help curate some of the best talent that we have not yet seen and bring them to the worldwide stage.”

With a long history of mentoring, Usher is the perfect fit for Megastar’s celebrity mentor to guide the contestants through the competition.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Usher invested in both the product and the outcome of MEGASTAR. His career spans over 24 years already and he has inspired so many artists.

He has so much experience, training and industry knowledge to impart on our Performers and his insights are invaluable to singers, dancers and performers in general,” commented Managing Director/CEO and Co-Founder of MEGASTAR Dion Sullivan.

MEGASTAR provides performers of all kinds with a global stage to showcase their talents and puts the audience in charge of who rises and falls. The Fans call the shots, share their voice and decide who should be the next MEGASTAR via voting on the MEGASTAR App.

MEGASTAR is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.   Our first worldwide competition is live and now open to audition submissions from residents of the Australia, US, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa and New Zealand.

For more information about MEGASTAR, visit the App’s social channels on Facebook and Instagram.  For complete audition rules, visit

Source: Megastar