At Seafolly, they know women are not just a size, a number or the shape of a fruit.

They sayΒ Fit Is a Feeling, and the importance of finding styles to make women feel comfortable and confident is paramount.

Launching This week, and fronted by Bree Warren and Rae Rodriguez, the global Fit is a Feeling campaign celebrates Seafolly’s authority on the sand as the go-to for swimwear, designed to love your body.


Most women find swimwear shopping daunting, so the highly anticipated campaign has been thoroughly thought out to offer women extensive support through a detailed video series on how to Shop Your Shape, followed by a fun, and accessible shopping experience designed for customers to choose the coverage they desire and features that tackle their body concerns.

TheyΒ can truly click their way to happiness. In Seafolly stores, a team of highly trained fit experts are on the ground to guide you feeling and looking amazing in swimwear.

Source: Seafolly