Montalembert is one of the most charming hotels in Paris. In perfect agreement with the small palace trend which, in the past several years, has conquered the hearts of the great travelers. Meeting spot for the world of fashion and of the arts, the Hotel Montalembert has been a pioneer of the “boutique hotels” movement.

Ideally located in the heart of the Left Bank, a short 5-minute walk from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church, this establishment of 50 rooms, including 10 suites, turns its facade of golden stones toward the “rue du Bac,” the antique shops and the art galleries.

The Montalembert, built in 1926, lived through the great moments of the interwar period, through the celebrations of the 50s Saint-Germain quarter and through so many prosperous and resplendent times that a guest book would never suffice to mention all these bygone moments, that together form the heart of an establishment.

If the foundations could tell their tale, they would without a doubt speak of the joyful dinners, amorous meetings, the intimate confessions, the lively discussions… everything that is the soul of a palace and explains its success with the public during all these years.

In 2016, Montalembert completed a gentle renovation. It was not the first, but this one drew from the wishes of the owner, Anne Jousse, to “reawaken” her house. And because the Hotel Montalembert made the headlines by being the first “Boutique Hotel” in Paris, twenty-five years ago, it felt natural to recreate an event of similar proportions, without limiting themselves to a simple concept. “This hotel is ingrained in its neighborhood,” explains Anne Jousse. “It is the hotel of writers and artists. So we wanted to preserve this spirit, particularly for the restaurant whose customers are primarily local regulars.”

The owner called upon Architect-decorator Pascal Allaman to redesign and enhance the restaurant, bar, rooms and suites, while Interior Designer Géraldine Prieur was entrusted with the entrance and lobby design. Today, the hotel is a sensory experience of contemporary luxury design- with lush textiles, vibrant colours, and glamorous marble flowing throughout the space. The interiors are divided into two tones, yellow and orange, which allude to a revisited Haussmann style.

Source: Hotel Montalembert