How Cate Blanchett gets away with wearing a crochet rug

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Good fun and fearless is what I’d say Cate Blanchett’s fashion choice was, worn in Melbourne today.

Sure, the weather was cold and the analogies will be drawn that 1/ she looked like one of granny’s old crochet blankets or 2/ she was more like a tea cosy.

But for god sake, at least she was showing her true Bohemian, indie and avant garde spirit.

While Cate can wear Armani Prive, Prada or Dior couture with the best of them, it was just so refreshing to see her support the truly creative brains behind the Sydney label, Romance was Born.

The label is designed by Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, whose crafty enthusiasm started at design school and even had the pair offered internships at John Galliano.

RWB showcased its summer collection at Cate’s beloved Sydney Theatre Company (STC) earlier this year, Cate having already become a proponent and ambassador for a label that gives fashion some unending twists and a cool take on craft work. (Enter the design duo’s obsession with crochet.)

Sure, THIS DRESS WILL NOT BE FOR EVERYONE. In fact, it will hardly be for anyone. But isn’t it just a nice change to see one of the highest profiled actors in the world, who could wear any label she likes, practise what she preaches.

Like her acting roles, Cate takes chances. Her chameleon-like quality is what makes her what she is in the thespian world. Ditto that same quality on Planet Fashion.

I say good on her for giving us something well removed from the overly-styled and groomed red carpet gowns we’re bound to see at the Emmy’s (and even the Brownlow medals!) next Monday.

I reckon Cate will keep maturing into a woman who will be remembered as one of our true fashion individuals. Whether we like all of her choices or not.
So what do you think of Cate’s style segue. Is it great or a mistake?