How the J’Aton wedding dress of Jodi Gordon came to life . . .



The designing pair behind the Melbourne based J’aton fashion house, Jacob and Anthony, share with Melissa Hoyer, the history of the making the wedding dress for actress Jodi Gordon, when she married footballer Braith Anaista in a ceremony in Bali.

Jodi, 27, and 30-year-old Braith spent 12 months planning their wedding, booking Villa Istana at Uluwatu and meticulously planning a spectacular white wedding above the dramatic white cliffs of Bali’s famous surf break.



There there were a handful of league stars, including Reni Maitua, Brett Finch, Willie Mason, Mitchell Pearce, Jake Friend, Aidan Guerra, Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Nate Myles and his wife, Home And Away star Tessa James, all in guesr mode,m according the folk at Woman’s Day, who covered the nuptials for hireklymg

The J’Aton duo designed the wedding dresses for Terry Biviano, Holly Valance, Rebecca Twigley and Delta Goodrem’s controversial gold statuesque dress from The Voice Finale.

Jodi’s ornate dress took 6 months and a total of 300 hours to create from start to finish with a team of 5 people working on the gown.

Diamond drop earrings and Jodi’s four-carat Nic Cerrone diamond engagement ring (based on the same design as Princess Diana’s famous ring) added an extra sparkle to match Jodi’s eyes.

A few words from J’Aton . . . .

  Dannii Minoque:  a fan of the J’aton duo. And vica-versa.

How long did it take to make?

We started 6 months before the wedding but all in all it took 300 hours to create from start to finish as it was all beaded and created on the premises here in Australia with a team of 5 people working on the gown.

When did Jodie first contact you and what was it she was specifically looking for?

Our first consultation was at our good friend Kelly Smythe’s place in Sydney as Kelly is Jodi’s Stylist and we have worked very closely with Kelly on numerous clients. From Kelly’s house we then continued at Ice Bergs as it was an all day/night consultation it was very fun, relaxed and personable as we are all close friends. It’s an incredibly rewarding part of the job when you get to work with mates and we are a great team.

Did she / you have any inspiration? 

The location was not decided on from the very beginning and this is very important to us when designing a gown as formality, climate, energy and mood play a very important role when designing a gown.  So initially it was just all about what Jodi’s loves, wants and desires were for her gown/wedding and what she felt suited her body best. The first consultation is pretty much about getting to know the client so with Jodi because we knew her well and her style the first consultation was also a mixture of getting to have a catch up and a drink as we all lead such incredibly busy lives and never get to really see one another. So it was the gang reuniting and getting to enjoy one another’s company but we did a lot of wedding talk in between as we were all so excited that Jodi was getting married, it was so very important to us and such an honour.

What materials were used and how much material (ie metres, bolts)

Fine silk muslin and organdie with Italian tulle, several French laces and vintage lace. Swarovski beads as well as vintage beads found on our European travels that were very old and rare finds.

What was the dress made of ?

– Bra Hooks: used to fasten the gown for a more modern minimalist look with a heavily corseted base constructed within the gown as Jodi loves corsetry.

– Lace: We used four French laces that we fully reworked into the gown as well as a vintage lace that we found in Paris that was over 80 years old.

We also had a special lace created from our best friend Zoe England it was like a webbing and fusing of silks that we designed in coral shapes to go with the beach side theme.
– Boning: Meters and meters of boning was used within the gown as it is something Jodi has always been fascinated and loves more than anything in a special gown.
– Cyrstals: Glass Swarovski pearls were used as well as some vintage pearls and Glass German droplet’s that we found overseas. We had an array of little special finds and surprises within the beading. When it comes to vintage beads you can only find what you find and that is the beauty of vintage the fact that it is rare make it so precious and rare and it has its own history.


  Rebecca Twigley and husband, AFL footy player Chris Judd .. . 

What were the intricate details that made Jodie’s dress so unique and special?

The fact that we meshed together so many different laces and made it look as though it were one. That is something we really specialize in detail and incredibly subtle detail. We will go out of our way to hand sew the tinniest thread or lace detail if we connect and believe in a certain aspect of the designs necessity. It is painstaking and can take forever and is incredibly fine and delicate work but it’s what we are passionate about and it’s justified to us anyway and our clients as they respect and honour the workmanship.

We love also the fact that we all were obsessed with the dress being mat and not a sparkly number. It was not Jodi doing ‘red carpet’ so we didn’t want loud colours and drama as it had to be soft romantic and significant and that is what we love about the dress, that it had no bling factor to it. The dress for us had to have a sense of simplicity without just being plain and boring as Jodi did all along want a dream dress and not just something she could buy off the rack.