HOYTS is currently undergoing full refurbishments at six cinema locations, and in the process upgrading every seat in every auditorium to powered HOYTS Recliners! Cinema goers will be treated to an all new reclining movie experience, boasting extra room and extra comfort – at no extra cost*.

As part of a five year plan led by Damian Keogh, CEO of HOYTS Group, the HOYTS Recliners are a huge leap forward in cinema seating. Created for ultimate comfort, each Recliner features extra leg room, wider seating and a side-table with a large cup holder. It is about reinventing the cinema experience, giving customers greater comfort and quality all without charging them more than the normal movie ticket price.

“It’s a concept we know our guests will love. We believe customers should Experience More every time they go to the movies,” said HOYTS Group CEO, Damian Keogh. “We are putting our customers at the heart of our business and improving our offer to enhance the movie-going experience. This is extra comfort and extra room for every customer at these cinemas at no extra cost.”

“Being the first to market with this offer, we know that when you’re laying back in total comfort with your feet up – that’s when you’re really experiencing the real thrill of the movies. That’s when you Experience More.”

The HOYTS Recliners are also being installed into two Xtremescreen auditoriums (which boast the biggest screens and sound in the complex) at each of the six refurbishment locations.

“Customers absolutely love the Xtremescreen experience. And now that we’re adding the HOYTS Recliners into Xtremescreen, we believe we’ll be offering the best Big Screen cinematic experience,” said Damian Keogh.

The six locations currently undergoing refurbishments are HOYTS Eastland and Frankston in Victoria, HOYTS Eastgardens in NSW, HOYTS Sunnybank in QLD, and HOYTS Belconnen and Woden in ACT.

The refurbishments will be 100% completed in time for superstar Daniel Craig’s return to the big screen as James Bond in SPECTRE, releasing November 12 and the eagerly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens on December 17 – both expected to be the highest grossing films in 2015. However, as individual auditoriums are completed and fit with recliners, they will be open to the public. HOYTS Frankston currently has two recliner auditoriums open for business.

“This is part of us reinventing the cinema experience,” said Keogh. “We’re paving the way now, but there’s so much more to come.”

*Additional costs may apply on discount offers.