Called Wine Crush and hosted at Amy and John Phelan’s house, the evening centred itself around Preview Crush at the Baldwin Gallery and Casterline Goodman to show off the live auction items. While Australia is in the middle of the big chill, the northern hemisphere is celebrating their warmer months therefore the dress code was appropriately floral: think greenhouse chic.

Heidi Zuckerman and Amy Phelan

Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong

Paul Pariser and Erin Leider-Pariser

Amnan Rodan and Katie Rodan

In the lead up to ArtCrush, the three days of events included a conversation between Rashid Johnson and the AAM’s Nancy and Bob Magoon, CEO and director Heidi Zuckerman and a special edition of the AAM’s Summer Lecture Series.

Sarah Arison

Rashid Johnson and Heidi Zuckerman

Barnaby Furnas, Kelly Woods, Richard Phillips and Chris Stone

Lance Armstrong and Nancy Magoon

Peter Stelljes, Heidi Zuckerman, Dustin Yellin, Lance Armstrong and Jordan Goodman

ArtCrush is long-established as one of the international contemporary art world’s most important summer gatherings and the AAM’s most vital yearly fundraiser—attended annually by more than six hundred of the most influential art collectors, artists, gallerists, museum professionals, and business leaders, whose support provides a significant portion of funding for the AAM’s year-round curatorial and educational programming.

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