Is it the end of the mega runway fashion show? Has the GFC turned fashion into another GFC _ the Glamor Free Catwalk?

The International Herald Tribune’s highly regarded fashion editor Suzy Menkes (pictured left) had some interesting words of wisdom in the New York Times, June 15.

In a nutshell, Ms Menkes (who I had the pleasure to sit with at a few Milan shows when I was able to weasel my way from row P and whoosh into a surprisingly vacant Row A runway seat) takes her fashion as seriously as a surfer does his/her big break.

Ms Menkes wonders whether ‘this generalized move toward practicality (is) a new attitude in the industry toward serving customers — or a last resort in a tumbling market?

While serious fashion aficionados marvel at models, the new design names, the ‘next hot’ shapes and colors, Ms Menkes wonders whether all this brand building and image making is being challenged with fashion houses concentrating on clothes THAT. WILL SELL.

Take at read of her view below…

Reality Check — or Last Resort? –