Is this the PERFECT new season dress?

I may write and talk about frocks for part of my working life, but I haven’t indulged in hardly any of them for the entire year.

While the New York fashion show season has kicked off (check out a billion blogs, tweets and websites to see what is happening next spring and summer) Australians are thinking more, ‘but how now, fashion cow’?

Apart from having discovered that ‘shopping’ in my existing wardrobe is kinda fun (I just don’t need anymore ‘stuff’) I haven’t needed for anything, preferring to chuck things together that I already own.

Well, that little mantra kinda changed today when I clapped my eyes on this dress from Sydney designer, Marnie Skillings.

Apart from a sequinned Sunny Girl cropped jacket ($69.95 and never worn) and a few on-sale pieces from a bi-annual sale in Sydney called Wholesale Heaven, I have been a real fashion avoider most of this year. In fact, a very happy Style Stinge. Until now.

My Perfect Marnie Skillings Dress, that I actually spotted being worn by a friend, ticks all the right ‘must-have’ boxes.

It is a riot of ‘on-trend’ colors (like, it actually looks like it is from this season). Tick.

The shoulders are elegantly ‘folded’ -this subtle detail hiding any upper arm issues that any woman may have. Tick.

It can be belted or not. If you do belt, you give yourself a waist and a fuller skirt (yep, another fashion-now trend) and if you don’t, it falls beautifully from an elasticised waist. Tick.

It is made of a stretch silk, thus beig able to breath and with some nice ‘give’. Tick

And more simplistically, it’s just a very, very happy dress. Tick.

I just love it.

So, have you found a perfect piece you want to crow about? Let me know.