ASOS jeans equip people with the tools to express their individuality through their style, empowering the unique, the fearless, the eccentric, the brave, the loud, the quiet and the bold.

This campaign, launching March 20th, is a celebration of that individuality – the differences that exist between the jeans trends we’re championing this season and the group of diverse, interesting people who wear them.

With over 120 brands and 2,200 styles across menswear and womenswear, brands include everything from authentic heritage denim labels such as Levi’s and Wrangler to newer brands such as One Above Another and YOUR TURN.

Our ASOS label jeans collection, created by a team of in-house denim design and buying experts, is continuously evolving across fabrics, ts, design and direction.

We’ve recorded a series of compelling short films that bring the remarkable characteristics of ‘Jeans by ASOS’ to life.

Working with director Mees Peijnenburg and photographer Hazel Gaskin, each lm features a striking person who embodies the spirit of one of our key jeans styles in an unexpected location.

From a musician who is ‘noisy by nature’ tearing it up in ripped jeans while playing drums atop an LA skyscraper, to a girl who is ‘wild by nature’ powering through the streets of Hollywood on horseback in a pair of ASOS’ customised jeans, these films show what it means to be an individual – and proud of it – in jeans that are as unapologetically different as you are.

Be brave, be proud, be you, in the freshest jeans by ASOS.

Source: ASOS