Jennifer Lopez: now we know why she is glowing…


In the big wide world of ‘branding’, so many celebrities and performers have really embraced the perfume market to ‘up’ brand awareness.

Enter, Jennifer Lopez, who ten years ago had a #1 album, #1 movie, and #1 fragrance. and Today her ‘Glowing’ scent celebrates ten years and is, again, unveiled in Australian stores.


Today, J-Lo remains one of the hottest talents of our time. A reigning diva, her star power commanding legions of devoted followers. She is on top of the charts. All over the media. All over the world.

In an olfactory sense, Glowing by JLo is a ‘Floral Woody Amber’ that embodies the aura of Jennifer in her most flawless form: modern, sexy, wet skin. Sounds mighty sexy when you put it like that . .  .

Inspired by her favorite candle, the fragrance opens with a sophisticated blend of florals and citrus fruits that reflect Jennifer’s bright persona, then a luxurious drydown of deep musk, vanilla, and sandalwood leave a trace of her signature sexiness. The perfume ‘ notes’ include Bergamot, Mandarin, Cypress, Orange Flower, Muguet des Bois, Cassia Flower, Sandalwood, Amber Sultan, Vanilla, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cashmere Musk. Mmmm, busy scent indeed.


There is a new illuminating fragrance bottle: a simple cylindrical shape with deep-cut vertical glass facets. The Glowing by JLo bottle was inspired by the lines of Baccarat crystal. The crystal lines create the perfect backdrop for an innovative dance of reflective lights: When the atomizer is pressed, the bottle beautifully illuminates for 15 seconds.

The Glowing by JLo carton is a shiny silver box with hits of a nude wash of color on all sides and an image of the illuminated bottle appears on the back panel. The Glowing by JLo logo is stamped in a deep purple. A ‘Coty’ scent, it’s priced from $45 an up to $85 for the Eau de Parfum, all available from today.

Watch a bit more J-Lo action . . .

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