SOME people might write her off as ‘just a model’, but Jesinta Campbell is determined to prove the doubters wrong.

The 24-year-old former Miss Australia admits her career since the pageant has been planned and very well calculated.

Since being involved in the 2010 Miss Universe quest — and coming home with the kind of kitsch ‘Miss Congeniality’ sash — both Jesinta and her management team have had a serious game plan.

Work wise, she’s been busy with everything from TV roles to ambassadorships, philanthropy and the continuation of her modelling career. She is also engaged to high-profile Sydney Swans footballer Buddy Franklin, who recently withdraw from the footy season, citing mental illness.

“I do feel like a lot has happened in five years, starting with Miss Universe Australia. I was only 18 when I won that, I was such a baby and I had never had any media training.’’ Jesinta tells Melissa Hoyer in part one of her On The Couch interview.

“I hardly ever wore heels or had any make up on. I look at that and look at where I am now and a lot has happened.

“So, I think a lot of the time a lot of people look at this and go ‘you’re just lucky’ but a lot of hard work and preparation goes into it and a lot of planning and you do things quite strategically as well, so it really is a business for me, and I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am but I do feel like a lot has happened in the past five years.”

Being tarred with the ‘but you are just a model brush’ has certainly happened but Jesinta was quick to debunk that cliche.

“Very early on I was definitely targeted with that and that’s why I did go onCelebrity Apprentice,’’ says Jesinta.

“So I think that was a real turning point for me in my career — people all of a sudden saw me as something more than a beauty queen or more than a model. So I don’t feel like I have to prove anything — I am who I am — take it or leave it — with everything that has happened lately.

“ I have had really terrible comments on social media — you know — you come across as such a wholesome women but then you pose in a bikini. And it’s like — well why can’t I pose in a bikini and have an opinion? Isn’t that what feminism is about?

“Isn’t that what being in a woman in this century is about? If I want to wear a low cut top than I can and I can still have an opinion — being sexy doesn’t mean you’re not smart.

“I think there is still that battle, like, why would you post a selfie when you want to talk about things like racism and mental health. It’s like — why can’t I post a selfie AND talk about that too? People don’t almost get it. “

As for getting seriously match-ready, as she did before her recent runway outing that saw Buddy proudly supporting her in the front row, Jesinta only has one thing to say.

“You don’t get the arse you want by sitting on the couch, unfortunately!”

Campbell, who is an ambassador for Joico’s “JOI OF GIVING” program in partnership with the Starlight Foundation, has stood by her man during his mental health battle and told her 293,000 Instagram followers she is “incredibly proud of Bud’s strength and courage”.

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