Kailis is proud to announce the appointment of three beautiful and inspiring Australian ‘Women of Achievement’ as brand ambassadors. Lucy Durack, Grace Huang and Noreen Carr represent the strength, beauty and diversity of Australian women, reflecting the brand’s own values.

In Kailis’ latest campaign, ‘Anticipating Moments’, Lucy, Grace and Noreen are featured separately and together, shot in their authentic environments – back stage, on a film set, at a fashion show respectively. The campaign encapsulates the excitement surrounding milestone achievements. Kailis Pearl Jewellery is the ultimate symbol of achievement and this campaign illustrates that Kailis Pearls brings out the inner beauty and confidence of all women.

“Australian women in all their diversity are extremely beautiful and exude a casual elegance and confidence, as exemplified by our three new Ambassadors. Kailis’ Australian South Sea Pearl Jewellery never looks out of place, it is the much loved accessory that can be worn in any setting or time of day, bringing out the inner beauty and confidence of the wearer. Noreen, Grace and Lucy present the rich pallet of Australian beauty and achievement and represent Kailis Jewellery’s values and aspirations,” said Mark Majzner, General Manager of Kailis Jewellery.

WAPA Graduate, Helpmann and Sydney Theatre Award winner Lucy Durack is one of Australia’s most exciting leading ladies of the stage and screen. Lucy wowed audiences around the country with starring roles in Legally Blonde and Wicked, and is now expanding her talents to write and produce for television.

Lucy embodies what it means to be a Kailis Woman of Achievement by constantly developing new opportunities for accomplishment in all aspects of the entertainment world and now motherhood.

As Kailis grows its retail footprint in Australia and throughout Asian, Grace Huang is the perfect ambassador to expand the brand’s appeal. Having captured the attention of the Australian and Asian film industries, Grace is now based in Los Angeles to ride the second wave of the Australian ‘Gumtree Mafia’ in Hollywood and is presently shooting alongside Liam Hemsworth in the blockbuster, Independence Day: Resurgence.

Grace’s rising profile, intellect, striking beauty, and down to earth nature make her a perfect example of a Women of Achievement.

The versatile and modern designs of Kailis Pearls has created a growing following amongst younger women who feel the beauty and power of Australian South Sea pearls, which are the most valuable and sought after in the world. There is no better example of indigenous Australian beauty than model Noreen Carr wearing Kailis Pearls. Noreen is the third of the new Kailis Ambassadors and her youth and stunning looks mean she can pull off an edgy, cooler style in the campaign and she wears Kailis Pearls in a way that Gen Y customers can relate to.

Noreen represents the changing face of Australian fashion with her homegrown beauty and cultural connection to Kailis pearls. Kailis is working closely with Noreen’s manager Kira-Lea Dargin of Aboriginal Model Management to further develop Noreen’s profile and modeling career and assist her to fulfill her potential as a star of the fashion industry.

Outgoing brand ambassador Natalie Imbruglia has been the face of Kailis for the past four years and will always be treasured as part of the evolution of the Kailis brand. “Natalie Imbruglia was a much loved Kailis Ambassador for the past 4 years and was an important Ambassador to show that pearls are for young women and are beautiful and chic,’ said Majzner. “Natalie reflected the beauty and achievement of Australian women and our new campaign is a logical continuation of that theme, showcasing three women who exemplify the diversity of the best of Australia,” said Majzner.