In what is a social media trend that will, no doubt, get bigger as ‘influencers’ influence their audiences more and more, 5 of the best – Megan MortonErin DonatiEmily GreenAlex Fulton and Andreea Birsan – have created, designed and oversaw the production of their very own clutches in collaboration with Khòlò The Label.

Design by Erin Donati

In a first of its kind global competition, a handful of the fashion world’s most influential trend-setters and designers will battle it out to see who will take out the Khòlò crown for best clutch. The winning clutch will feature in Khòlò’s upcoming ‘Daisies’ collection and will score the winner an all-expenses paid trip to Kolkata, to experience the culture, creativity and fashion that is India.

Design by Alex Fulton

The clutches that are each representative of the influencers who designed them feature Khòlò’s iconic craftsmanship techniques like 3D embroidery, delicate threading and use of beads and sequins for dimension and texture.

Design by Andreea Birsan

The influencers will be engaging with the Khòlò community via @kholo_thelabel Instagram stories, taking their audience for a never before seen view into each influencers’ daily life, their design process and the clutches that they have designed.

Design by Emily Green

Khòlò’s Head Designer, Karishma Kasabia is ecstatic for the competition clutches to drop.

“I feel like a collaboration allows for new exploration, previously unheard of. I’ve had artists tell me that our Khòlò 5×5 has opened a whole new product line for them.”


Design by Megan Morton

“It’s an honour to be in the space of fellow creatives, we’ve fed off each other’s energy and laughter and I’m so grateful I get to be a part of that, to be in the company of an artist who is living their truth is something magical. Often, they don’t even realise how significant it is. But I feel anyone who is so connected to their calling, is someone I want to be around.”

“Each designer has inspired me. Whether it’s with their confidence, their design approach, their business savvy acumen or their loyalty to their style. Each one has inspired me. It’s been a really lucky journey”

Pre-order for the clutches are open to the public at

Source: Kholo