Glow, or the light that makes skin shine from the inside out, is one of the most searched-for beauty terms online. It’s become a main component of beauty. From catwalk models to yoga and health gurus, everyone is sporting glowing skin. But this is no short-term trend; in fact, the glow has become an outside sign of success. Radiant skin signals a balanced life and a fulfilling lifestyle. It has now become more than a beauty ideal. It’s an ideal for life that all women want to achieve.

Without a doubt, one of the factors that helps regenerate the skin’s glow is sleep. But not every hour in the night is as helpful as the next. Indeed, optimal skin regeneration and cell renewal, in which the signs of fatigue are replaced with a glowing complexion, takes place between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. It’s important to sleep well during this period. However, when we’re living life in the fast lane and starting the next day’s tasks the evening before we go to bed, it can often be impossible to establish a natural rhythm. As a result, your complexion loses its glow.

To allow skin to regenerate itself no matter how well you sleep, Absolue developed a new product, Absolue Precious Cells – Rose Drop. This concentrated peel designed for evening use features a rose-based nourishing oil that leaves skin feeling soft and clean, boasting a refined texture, and glowing with health.

Source: Lancome