What type of make-up can today’s women not do without? Mascara! Especially when it comes to Millennials. These vivacious ladies are always on the go and demand the very best. Their days are full morning to night, and their mascara has to be up to the task.

If not, they get rid of it. But how do you go about finding the right mascara? Monsieur Big has got you covered. In 2017, this high- impact and mega-volumising mascara became the go-to product for millions of women thanks to its long-lasting formula, which doesn’t require a single touch-up throughout the day, and its incredible, intensely black pigment.

One year later, to rekindle the flame, Monsieur Big is back with three new additions:

  1. Awaterproofformulathatcanweatheralltheday’schallenges,includingwater,humidity, and sweat, without compromising on comfort
  2. Big Lashes Extension Fibers (limited edition) to deliver show-stopping eyes! But if you prefer to play it safe, keep on walking…
  3. FourvarietiesofBigColorLashTopCoat(limitededition)forunique,easy-to-apply, pop-art looks. Sporting a new look every day has never been easier.


This mascara has always been known for its over-the-top effects, bold looks, and daring style. But this time, in addition to offering up to 12 times more volume, Monsieur Big has become Monsieur Big Waterproof and now offers up to 24 hours of flawless wear! 95% of women who tried it out have confirmed its performance: Monsieur Big Waterproof stands up to life’s every hurdle, whether it’s a workout or a sprint to catch your train. Plus, it ensures your mascara will look just as amazing at the end of the day as it did in the morning. The proof is in its triple guarantee:

Sweatproof + Smudgeproof + Waterproof = High-intensity, non-stop glam by Monsieur Big Waterproof

With its ultra-resistant formula, traffic-stopping volume, and flawless wear, this mascara has everything it takes to become an all-time favourite. Confirmation comes from 82% of women who notice how Monsieur Big Waterproof seems to instantly lengthen their lashes, while 98% find it pleasant to wear all day long. And when it comes to long-lasting wear, this mascara is a cut above the rest. According to 94% of women, Monsieur Big Waterproof won’t end up on your eyelids, and 85% report that it won’t flake off. He’s a true gentleman, no matter the situation.


Apply between two coats of mascara

To take it a step further, Lancôme has launched Big Lashes Extension Fibers for sky-high volume that can be tailored to achieve the look you want. With Big Lashes Extension Fibers, you can fill in your fringe of lashes, thickening them individually and extending their length to achieve unbelievably daring volume.

Our tip for expert application:
– Apply your mascara
– Before it dries, spread the white fibres evenly on your eyelashes
– Wait about thirty seconds – long enough for the fibres to melt into the product that’s already onthe lashes – then apply another coat of mascara

The results? An explosion of volume with a lash extension effect. Merci, Monsieur Big!


Apply on top of your mascara once it’s dried

Want to make a statement with your eyes? Lancôme has developed mascara top coats to add instant colour to your lashes. Their ultra-fluid formula is highly concentrated in pigments and pearlizers, modelling itself on eyeliners so it doesn’t ruin your mascara during application, yet gives impeccable hold. In just a few seconds you can have flashy, pop-art eyelashes!

Source: Lancome