*Laser*: Beauty beams a Clear + Brilliant path

๏ปฟ In this line of media biz fire, I get invited to try out quite a few beauty treatments, lotions, potions and various things . . . and this one got me kinda excited, especially as the term ‘downtime’ was hardly applicable.

I’ve never been compelled to go hardcore when it comes to face works – I look after and maintain my skin with a series of light dermabrasions, light treatments and cosmeceuticals liked Rationale and Aspect Dr – all of which have stood me in pretty normal-looking stead. And of course, some Botox, that did soften that angry line between my eyebrows. (I still can’t stand it when people lie about having it, btw . . .)

So, a treatment named Clear + Brilliant sounded like a shoe-in to test out.

C+B is mild laser, a relatively new treatment with the aim of promoting a ‘radiant, healthy, younger looking skin’. Yada yada yada.

C+B is aimed at peeps who have skin that is OK but just needs or wants that little extra zip. And a constant stream of daily make-up as well as early starts and late finishes has made me feel like I need as much zip as possible.
This laser is a lighter alternative to microdermabrasion and starts by having your face slathered with a topical anaesthetic for around 40 minutes after which I could not. Feel. My. Face.

How I looked and felt yesterday afternoon . . .

Anne and her team at Zecca Cosmedical in Alexandria (who kindly invited me to test it out) spent around half an hour rolling the laser on my skin as it got progressively warmer. It doesn’t hurt (like break-a-leg hurt) but it does get very, very warm and leaves your face and neck feeling like it has had a few hours too long in Balinese sun.

Even though my face was numb, a little puffy and as red as a tomato (left) after the treatment yesterday afternoon, it took about 3 hours for it to calm down to a more, well, watermelon color.

Anne said that’s totes normal, so I didn’t touch it last night, hit the sack early and woke this morning to a slightly red and dry-feeling face.

The laser now works at stimulating the collagen underneath so, a dewy, fresh-looking face is on its way in a few days . . . . I await the results and will let you know . . . .

*Thanks to Zecca Cosmedical http://www.zecca.com.au/ for the kind invitation . .