The marlies|dekkers SS18 collection has arrived and this season her female muse is Frida Kahlo, she was inspired by both her life and her art and has gone to great lengths to tell her story through the collection and spread her strong feminine spirit to the women of today.

Marlies went to Mexico and immersed herself in Frida’s colourful world, meeting with Hilda Trujillo who was there when Frida’s bathroom full of personal treasures was opened after more than 50 years, she is now the director of the Casa Azul, the house where Frida was born.

Each range in the collection pays homage to Frida’s art, style and her strong spirit. The Couture collection is named for one of Frida’s famous mantras Viva La Vida (live life to the fullest). The beautifully detailed corset is reminiscent of the corsets that Frida wore her whole life due to her Polio and injuries from a car accident.

Frida often used her corsets as works of art and featured them in her portraits, Marlies was inspired by this and has produced a stunning corset to make every woman feel as though she is a work of art.

The seasonal print is also very special, No Te Olvido pays tribute to Frida’s last artwork and features entries right out of Frida’s diary giving the wearer a truly special piece of lingerie art inscribed with Frida’s own thoughts and words.

Each of the remaining ranges also give a powerful nod to one of Frida’s artworks from The Art Of Love with its bold strap details to Seduction with its soft powder pink floral patterned lace.

Marlies most iconic designs Dame De Paris, Space Odyssey and Gloria are also given a makeover in Frida’s honour. Dame De Paris comes in crisp Tiffany Blue shade with gold edge detailing and a golden pineapple, Frida’s favourite fruit, in the gusset, Space Odyssey comes in scintillating cobalt blue; Frida’s favourite colour to convey her deepest emotions and Gloria sports navy pinstripes in honour of Frida’s flirtatious and androgynous spirit.

This year marlies|dekkers will celebrate their 25th anniversary and the SS18 collection is kicking it off in style. The rich stories woven throughout the collection make a compelling narrative to propel the modern woman forward. Marlies message to her feminine|feminist movement is, ‘Dare To Celebrate Life Now.’

Source: marlies|dekkers