You would be hard pressed to find a woman in Australia who isn’t familiar with Activewear brand Lorna Jane. From yogis to gym junkies, students to mums on the school run, Lorna Jane boasts over 25 years at the very top of the Athleisure category and is the leading wellness and lifestyle brand to watch globally.


“I started designing Activewear because I wanted to change the way women live, to transform the way they think and most importantly how they feel about being active – and you know what – I think it’s working” Lorna Jane Clarkson

With the belief that wearing Activewear motivates you to be more active, Lorna Jane not only designs THE BEST Activewear but is also dedicated to empowering and educating women towards health and fitness with their Active Living philosophy and daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe.

Lorna Jane has been changing women’s lives since 1989 and is recognised as being one of the first companies to design and sell Activewear globally. Based in Brisbane, it has its origins in Australia but is now sold in over 21 countries including China, USA, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand – and has over 2.5 million social media followers.

The brand’s key markets are Australia, USA and China. And Lorna Jane operates 125 stores in Australia, 32 stores in the USA and has highly successful on-line stores in both countries. The brand continues to grow in key markets such as China, where it has the number one sports bra sales position on Tmall (Chinese online retailer). The Company also has a number of excellent near-term growth opportunities such as continued expansion into China and the USA, entry into New Zealand, Canada and Singapore markets and its continued online store roll out.

CHAMP Ventures acquired a 40% interest in Lorna Jane in 2010 and has partnered with founders Bill and Lorna Clarkson to grow the brand globally and become one of Australia’s most successful and iconic lifestyle and wellness brands.

Given the strong performance of Lorna Jane and the Activewear and wellness categories globally, there has been a high level of in-bound interest in the company. As a result, CHAMP Ventures and the founders feel it is a good time to take a step forward and consider their options for the Companies future. KPMG has been retained to conduct a strategic review of Lorna Jane and will report back to the shareholders over the next few months.

The founders Bill and Lorna Clarkson remain absolutely committed to the Company (Lorna Jane) and see this as part of a broader strategy to further grow the brand to reach its full potential.

“Activewear won’t change the world – but the women who wear it will”

Source: Lorna Jane