Magnum has launched their first ever local fashion inspired ice cream range, ‘The Magnum Fashion Collection’. Combining Magnum’s chocolate and ice cream expertise with contemporary Australian fashion design, the three new artisian-inspired Magnum flavours will deliver premium ice cream lovers with the ultimate indulgence this season.

Magnum, alongside renowned Australian fashion designers – Bec+Bridge, By Johnny and Romance Was Born has co-created a trio of Magnum ice cream flavours to ignite the indulgent pleasure one feels when wearing the latest runway fashion.

The launch featured three NEW flavours ready to eat, hot off the runway to your freezer…

The Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Magnum mimics the whimsical, out of this world and colourful collections of Romance Was Born through the tangy Raspberry Ice-cream and swirled chocolate sauce representing the vibrant, wonderful and coveted label.

By Johnny partners with Magnum for the vibrant flavour Hazelnut Salted Vanilla. A simple twist on traditional Magnum flavours, reflective of By Johnny’s simple silhouettes and effortless style with a modern edge, like the hint of salt in the new flavour.

Bec+Bridge, a Sydney-based label known for elegant lines and chic silhouettes are paired with Magnum Dulce de Leche Caramel, their packaging design representing European summer – a favourite holiday spot for the unique Bec+Bridge girl.

The Fashion Collection has been spotted being sported by Australia’s most stylish & fashionable influencers; the ‘Magnum Muses’. Comprised of nine of Australia’s hottest trendsetters, Magnum Muses forms the ultimate girl squad.

  • Fashion, lifestyle and travel guru Lisa Hamiliton of See Want Shop, a down to earth Melbourne girl.
  • Tahnee Atkinson one of Australia’s most in-demand models and ‘It girl’.
  • Self-confessed street style blogger Rachel Tee Tyler. 
  • Ksenija Lukich, Australia’s E! Host.
  • A certified accountant-come-blogging ingenue, Vydia Rishie.
  • Melbourne based Holly Titheridge, co-creator of fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Base Colour’, showcasing her love for fashion and creative styling.
  • Australian TV & film actress Mavournee Hazel.
  • Jiawa Liu, founder of style and lifestyle platform, Beige Renegade, is the master of living, dressing and thinking simply.
  • Super-blogger Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life.

The Magnum Muses have hit the streets with Australia’s leading street style photographer and creative director, Lee Oliveira to show just how to spice up your style with the Magnum Fashion Collection and their matching ‘COOL IT’ bags. It is this season’s most indulgent and stylish accessory. Whether you’re racing to a meeting or off to meet the girls, the COOL IT bag is the perfect way to keep your Magnum Fashion Collection ice creams cool for those indulgent moments on the go.

Source: Magnum