Make Nice have announced dates for its Sydney based annual real-life conference for, by and about creative women.

Make Nice: Un-conference for Creative Women 2017 will host an inspirational line up of women including Ann Friedman, Becky Simpson, Stanislava Pinchuk, Amrita Hepi, Leah Procko, Amy Nadaskay, Jess Scully, Lex Hirst, and Anna Ross.

The Un-conference will encorporate talks, workshops and collaborative discussion with leading creatives and the Make Nice network of women to share and learn from each others experiences.

Make Nice: Un-conference for Creative Women 2017 will host its participants over a pre-drinks event on Friday 22nd September, 6-9pm and one full day un-conference on Saturday 23rd September, 8.15am-6pm aiming to inspire and educate. Make Nice use the word un-conference because they do things a little differently.

Their format is participant-led and they are committed to creating an engaging, collaborative experience. This means its participants get a say in the topics their panels tackle.

It means the participants spend the day alongside, not just in front of, their speakers, talking about the hard stuff as well as the good and with an emphasis on the importance of having fun. The Make Nice format offers an alternative for women who are seeking inspiration outside of traditional conference and networking opportunities.

For 2017 Make Nice have built a program that includes practical, interesting, super-useful workshops and talks with topics covering I’ve Started My Thing, Now What?, Growing Your Business Or Not, Imposter Syndrome, How To Stay Sane with Routines & Habits and Avoiding Burnout.

Speakers participate in all aspects of the event too – this means attendees have a unique opportunity to engage with them throughout the un-conference, at both programmed and social events.

Make Nice was created by women, for women. Launched in 2016, Make Nice is for illustrators, writers, photographers, designers, makers, bakers, curators, artists and songwriters, gamers, painters, producers – any and all female-identifying creatives.

Ngaio Parr started Make Nice because there wasn’t easy access to a community of women who wanted to help each other, to share information and collaborate.

Parr wanted to create a positive environment for women to excel in rather than the competitive structure women are taught to embrace as a girl all the way through to adulthood.

Make Nice believe in really good vibes; through their online community and social events they have created a kind,
respectful, supportive and downright fun community.

Make Nice: Un-conference for Creative Women 2017 hosts an impressive line up of women set to inspire and collaborate.

Source: Make Nice