LET’S just call it right now. Everyone seems to be getting naked.

Celebs are so intent on showcasing not just their boobs and their butts, but their entire bods.

As for wearing underwear, I mean, is that even a thing anymore?

If red carpets keep going the way they are, why, even Spanx may go out of business.

So, if more clothes are off than on why bother even spending tens of thousands of bucks on big-time designer dresses?

That was pretty much the consensus today as celeb after celeb, star after star and body after body appeared on the red carpet at the annual fashion frockfest: the Anna Wintour-led Met Gala, which happens each year in New York.

The top troika of star power – Beyonce wearing Givenchy, JLo in Versace and (the once fashion-derided) Kim Kardashian wrapped in Roberto Cavalli, all made their sheer, near-naked flash fest options felt.

Mmm, maybe a body swathed in cling wrap and the bedazzled with a few crystals, sequins and gems might just do the trick next time?

“They look pretty uncomfortable to sit on, to be honest,” said one critic when I posted the high-profile trio on Instagram.

“Revolting, going to a hooker’s wedding, not a ball,” said another; “Less is more and you don’t need it right in your face.”

“Way too much! They are all saying ‘look at me, look at me’, but I just want to look away,” said another.

While the majority of the invited A-team at the Met Gala looked simply sensational it was the transparency battle that usurped the gala’s bigger fashion picture.

While many thought there was too much skin, let’s face it, seeing this much isn’t anything new.

Celebs have been doing it for years, usually to be noticed and more often than not, to proudly show off their assets.

But there is a fine line between style and vulgar, between class and trash. And where that line is drawn is purely in the eye of the beholder.

The problem is we’re nearly all becoming immune to seeing so much skin. Now, if we see a celeb or star or a good old normal person in an elegant, chic and covered-up look, it just about makes you jump in the air and shout hallelujah!

Judging by the fashion floor show performed by some of the Met Gala guests, I just reckon it’s a shame they feel the need to share this much. Forget TMI, it’s more more like TMF(lesh).

Don’t get me wrong, I adore seeing a brilliant body more than anyone, especially when it is draped in one mighty killer of a creatively designed, sexy dress, but there is something to always keep in mind – think more class, not so much ass.

This article was originally posted on news.com.au