We all remember that day 5 years ago when Mick had his terrifying encounter with a shark in J-Bay, South Africa. He wrestled that shark and survived. Now he’s back with a thrilling new documentary, Save This Shark!

This two part doco follows three time World Champion surfer Mick Fanning on his mission to explore shark conservation. From his hometown of Ballina to the tropics of the Bahamas, Fanning returns to the open waters to conquer his fear of sharks and better understand them. Save This Shark airs on National Geographic on Foxtel, Fetch and Sky from 15 September.

“They’re such magical, majestic and misunderstood creatures, so I’m excited to share my experience on screen, to show just how important they are to the environment and what it takes to protect them” says Fanning.

Watch the brand new trailer to see Mick in his finest ocean activist form as he investigates the issue of sharks versus humans. He’s on a mission to debunk common misconceptions and learn about the latest technology that help us safely co-exist with our shark friends.

Source: Disney