When it comes to human beings, identity is a matter of individuality. When it comes to a brand, uniqueness is a matter of multiplicity. In both cases, diversity is strength.

This principle inspires the new Moncler advertising campaign shot in timeless black and white by Craig McDean, featuring nineteen individuals from all walks of life and of every age, ethnicity and origin, united under one claim: BEYOND.

BEYOND is an expression of pure human strength that pushes Man to break harsh, pre-set moulds. BEYOND is a life proposition that is effective and resonating because it is true and straightforward, just like Moncler. BEYOND is a sum of what Moncler stands for because at its core Moncler is a brand that goes beyond.

From its beginnings in 1952 in a small village in the mountains of Haute Savoie, Moncler has gone beyond its initial scope of mountain gear to become a comprehensive brand with a universal appeal. Moncler has gone beyond the French mountains to become global. Moncler has gone beyond the technical to be suited to real life, without losing the technical status that makes it so practical. Moncler goes beyond the individual occasion, dressing all moments of life and speaking to every generation without making the young look old and the old look young.

Moncler constantly goes beyond limits, generations, expectations.

Now this path is rendered more alive and palpable than ever in the life choices and outstanding principles of a selection of individuals uniquely driven by the desire to go beyond in every way possible. From a Paralympian athlete to an astronaut, an activist to a trendsetter, the campaign pushes beyond the norms of traditional advertising in order to promote the drive, will and uniqueness that push an individual to break limits of any kind and be, quite simply, him or herself.

By bringing this diverse set of individuals together, Moncler defines and expresses its singular voice through a chorus of exceptional people who have achieved their goals through the device of their unique talents, living life to the fullest.

As a brand, the strength of Moncler lies in an unwavering loyalty to its core identity. By looking beyond trends and targets, Moncler speaks a language that puts the individual first while adapting to the most diverse circumstances and environments. The ultimate message of the campaign is one of freedom and goodwill. It is a call in the name of diversity, finding strength and momentum in multiplicity.

Embracing the liberating power of the plural, Moncler goes beyond fashion, straight into life, and counts on nineteen voices to send out its message.

Source: Moncler