With Dry July around the corner, check out these recipes from Lyre’s new range of non-alcoholic spirits.

“Old Fashioned”
60mls American Malt
1bar spoon Sugar Syrup
3dashes Angostura Bitters
‍Glass: Old Fashioned
Garnish: Orange Peel

30mls Dry London Spirit
30mls Rosso Vermouth
30mls Italian Orange
Glass: Old Fashioned
Garnish: Orange Peel

60mls Dry London Spirit
10mls Dry Vermouth
Glass: Nick & Nora
Garnish: Olives

50mls American Malt
20mls Rosso Vermouth
2dashes of Angostura Bitters
Glass: Vintage Coupette
Garnish: Cherry

Espresso Martini
45mls Coffee Liquor
45mls White Cane Spirit
30mls Espresso
10mls Vanilla Syrup
Glass: Coupette
Garnish: 3 Coffee Beans

Every Lyre’s spirit looks, tastes and sashays around the palate just like the original. And yet, the absence of giggle juice enables revellers to remain clear-headed, of good cheer and in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles their fancy the following day.

Source: Lyres