And a real highlight of the long weekend in Thredbo?
The G.H. Mumm champagne ‘long lunch’ – where one very long table is placed down the Thredbo Village Square and the most extraordinary lunch was served to 150 people – it’s one lunch that sells out, well before it ‘officially’ goes on sale. They even had another 80 guests inside the restaurant of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel.

In between the social side of the ski season it was just so nice to wander around and get the chair lift up to the Eagle’s Nest cafe and have a hot chocolate and look out to what will, in a week or two’s time be full of snow. The team at Thredbo how old are so laid-back and relaxed and possibly full of some of the coolest ski peeps around.

The Denham, Keller, Schuss Bar and Thredbo Alpine Hotel were thumping. So the highlight: the G.H. Mumm lunch started with crispy chilled Mumm – of course – followed by a perfect winter lunch, created by the team at the Threbo Alpine Hotel.

We started with an extraordinary winter vegetable soup followed by shared platters of roast pork, creamed cauliflower & Baby carrots. Before the most luscious and most tender of lamb was served with winter greens. And the BEST trays of cannolis and tiramisu.

Considering the temperature outside was only just above freezing it was extraordinary to have all of the food arrive piping hot on the long, chilly tables.

A fun and very well-established lunch indeed, gearing everyone up for the start of ski season.

*For details and information about how to book visit the Thredbo website www.