International award-winning jewellery designer John Tarasin and global wellness instructor Lucy Andrews have teamed up to create Nirvana Jewellery, a fine jewellery range that celebrates exquisite craftsmanship and the power of meditation.

The Nirvana Jewellery range is designed as a daily companion and reminder of three simple meditation actions – Stop, Look and Breathe – forged in solid gold or sterling silver.

With more than 30 years experience, John Tarasin is renowned around the world for creating extraordinary bespoke jewellery that focuses on quality design and craftsmanship – values he has carried into his new designs.

“Jewellery speaks to those around you and the wearer through a rich and natural connection. By combining simple meditation actions with something people wear every day, we are encouraging people to embrace the present and maintain attention for both big and small moments in life,” Tarasin says.

The unique collection is a fresh and exclusive expression of self, tailored for both men and women. The silver and gold charm bracelets, earrings, pendants, cufflinks and rings are etched with unique spiritual motifs.

Yoga practitioner and global wellness instructor Lucy Andrews guided the meaning and expression carried by the charms and motifs, ensuring the authenticity and integrity within the range.

“Our beautifully crafted pieces are an affirmation of the power of meditation and self-inquiry, and are a poignant reminder for the wearer to live a conscious life and to Stop, Look and Breathe. This unique element elevates our jewellery beyond the usual role of adornment, making it a vital component of daily wellbeing,” Andrews says.

The limited-edition pieces are masterfully designed and meticulously handmade by craftsman in Sydney, Australia from premium components of pure and solid gold and sterling silver.

The new range features three variations: Mandali bracelets, Nirvana Bracelets and a Charm Collection that can be worn on black or tan leather, sterling silver, steel mesh and 18ct yellow gold mesh bracelets.

Source: Nirvana Jewellery