CONTRARY to what we may think, men are almost on par with women in terms of how much they shop online.

While sitting on our devices and buying up a storm has become a national pastime, there are simple ways to get the most out of your online experience.

Here are a few fail-safe online shopping tips from, well, let’s say someone who does quite a bit of it herself. Here goes …

Do your research. Before you click the “submit payment” button, make sure you know the terms of your transaction. If you need your package for the weekend, be sure you’ve paid for expedited shipping. If you’re concerned about the fit, check the returns policy just in case.

Google is your friend so use it to compare and contrast prices of whatever you are about to buy.

When you are sprawled on the lounge at night watching your fave TV show, take some time to read reviews on various e-tailers and go with the ones with the most favourable reviews.

● Look for unique. Online stores have really diversified the fashion landscape. It’s worth looking for one-off pieces to set your outfit apart, such as a pair of unusual earrings or custom-made shoes.
● Know when to shop by keeping an eye out for all online sales and sign up to credible online shopping sites that can send you daily newsletters of great buys.
● Shop safe. Always protect your payment details when buying online. When using your credit or debit card to make purchases, make sure the check-out is secure by checking the URL contains https (not just http).

New Australian men’s ready-to-wear label, Venroy, is one brand championing online by becoming a strictly e-commerce and stand-alone retail name.

The brand has launched its autumn-winter 2016 collection using today’s the GQ andVogue Online Shopping Night, which runs until midnight tonight.

Sean Venturi and Theodore Smallbone, the co-creators of the Australian men’s leisurewear brand, said they’re business worked best online.

“Six months ago we made the decision to withdraw from the global wholesale market and become a strictly e-commerce only retailer with a flagship in Bondi, and its paid off in spades.” Venturi said.

In their shift away from the wholesale model, the partners have fostered a direct dialogue with their consumer base and built an integrated digital environment where the consumer can immerse themselves in the brand.

“We’re proud to align with the world’s most recognisable men’s media brand, and present our first autumn-winter collection direct to the consumer,” Smallbone said.

GQ and Vogue publisher Nick Smith said he had “seen the tide starting to turn in terms of online shopping”.

“We’re seeing the rate of growth of online shopping is actually greater among men than women and it it’s been fascinating to see the difference of the shopping habits between the sexes,” he said.

Smith said men would take a while to consider their buying options.

“They do their research, look for the best prices, and when they are pretty sure they’ve found the item that ticks the box, they’ll click to buy straight away,’ he said.

“Women on the other hand, are more inclined to put loads of things in their shopping basket on impulse, then hold it there, come back to buy later on, and potentially edit their choice again before purchase.”

Smith said 33 per cent of men were more likely to find a product when browsing without a clear destination in mind, while 26 per cent of women first saw their most recent purchase this way.

Men take an average of 10 minutes to complete a purchase versus 14 minutes for women, while men are least likely to actively hunt for bargains and deals.

As men actually spend more time online, they increased their online spending by one third and doubled the number of items they bought each month, according to report.

Some of the (seriously) good deals I’ve already perused on both the GQ and Voguewebsites (sorry editor, all in the name of story research) are from bassike, which is offering a further 20 per cent off all sale items, plus free shipping; Camilla + Marc, which offers 20 per cent off storewide; David Jones with 20 per cent off on a great range of full-priced women’s and men’s fashion, shoes and accessories; Leona Edmiston, which is taking 30 to 50 per cent off selected styles; Witchery, which has 25 per cent off everything plus free shipping on all orders over $200; and the likes of Happy Socks, Sneakerboy and The Upside are all in on the online shopping act.

Happy shopping!

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