I have been happily impressed by the calibre of red carpet Oscar wanderers – especially those who have chosen to reinvent, re-wear or go back in time and wear what they have in previous years.
Yup. Hollywood, and on its biggest awards night, actors, guests and celebrities are keeping their social consciousness in mind.
Many have chosen to re-adapt previous couture gowns – hello Margot Robbie and Penelope Cruz, both in Chanel. That said, what is wrong with wearing something they already have? We all do, so why not some red carpet stars.
 Sustainability, as we know, has become the catchword within the fashion industry. but how refreshing to see some actually practising what many of us preaching.Personally, I love shopping in my own wardrobe!
It fills me great happiness to drag out something from the Hoyer archives. Of course, some of them need a little tuneup here and there but the sentiment is there – at everyone doesn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or be lent a brand new frock) to showcase their fleeting red carpet or presenting moment.
 Your recycled frock may not be totally ‘of-the-moment’ but hey, I loved pieces when I first bought them so why not wear them another time?
So, kudos to this years recyclers wearing their glam gowns another time!! Go the all recyclers!