In a moving new video for Berlei, Serena Williams shares her hopes for her child, encouraging the next generation to invest in themselves.

In Berlei’s new campaign, Serena Williams – in her final stage of pregnancy – champions the celebration of women ‘doing it for themselves’. As a brand designed by women and for women, Berlei’s sole purpose is to improve, innovate and create bras that are perfectly suited to the individual’s physical requirements. The relationship Berlei has with women is and always has been one of equal admiration.

Berlei have a 100 year history of creating products that support women’s needs. Serena Williams began wearing Berlei sports bras in 2006 after her mother discovered them during the Australian Open. As a long term fan of the brand, Serena became the Berlei Sport ambassador in 2014 showcasing her on-court and off-court love of the brand. Williams now stars in a Berlei video that celebrates a new moment in her off-court life, as a soon-to-be mother.

Serena says, “This campaign is an affirmation for the next generation of women. Regardless of whether I have a daughter or not – my and Berlei’s hope for the next 100 years of women is that they start their journey with self-belief and the confidence to self-invest, self-prioritise and self-nurture.”

Zoe Hayes, Berlei Senior Marketing Manager says, “We’re a brand that supports and champions women through every stage of life. We’re so excited to be on this journey with Serena and hope to inspire generations of women with this piece.”

As Berlei meets its 100th year, they look back at the journey of how far they have come, celebrating just how incredible women are today, inspiring a whole new generation of women to ‘do it for themselves’ with Serena as their invincible muse.

Source: Berlei