For Cruise 2019, Gucci has created its own, surreal take on the legend of Noah’s Ark.

Building on Gucci’s signature fascination with the natural world, the campaign pictures a rural community where animals and people co-exist in harmony. With a nod to the idea of a fantastical petting zoo, the images show the Gucci tribe feeding and interacting with their animal companions. A dramatic rainfall then requires the construction of a giant wooden ark, into which the animals are led. The story ends with a color-drenched horizon.

The tale is a familiar one, but Gucci’s young farmer-punks bring a new perspective to it. A film that accompanies the photography invites the viewer deep into a surreal, mythological world, where an agricultural landscape and the changing weather emphasise the power of nature.

The campaign breaks in October across all media.

Source: Gucci