I am currently in Seattle in the US, with a posse of fellow media peeps, gearing up for the first Dreamliner to fly into Sydney from our national carrier, Qantas.
The plane which is smaller than the current and very popular A380 really ups the ante when it comes to technology. Because of a better air filtration system and the fact it is pressurised internally at 6000 feet as opposed to 8000 feet, the Dreamliner hopes to get us to our destination feeling fresher and not as jetlagged as we once often are. And that can only be a good thing, right?
While it will take a number of years for more and more of the planes to be rolled out, both Alan Joyce, the boss of Qantas, and Gareth Evans the Qantas international chief, gathered at the Boeing factor in Seattle today to talk up their latest flying baby.
With the airline having a continual profit turnaround, there should be eight of the 787 is in service by November, 2018. The route that most people are excited by is the direct flight from Perth to London but in the meantime, Qantas are keeping some of their roots under wraps with perhaps Brisbane-Perth-Paris or maybe a Brisbane to Chicago non-stop on the cards.
And then one so many are waiting on – a possible Sydney to London non-stop route – but there is still a little work to do on that.

Stay tuned and I’ll give you more details as we go along.

*Melissa is a guest of Qantas on the first Dreamliner delivery trip back to Australia