Introducing Radio Velvet, a premium, limited edition T-Shirt / art label and the brain child of Angus Kingsmill, former CEO of iconic Australian surf lifestyle brand, Mambo.

Radio Velvet celebrates pop culture as seen through the brushes, cans and lenses of gifted artists and photographers from around the world and presents them as machine washable art.

In partnership with Sydney Digital Marketing (which Kingsmill co owns with marketing guru Simon Gould), Radio Velvet is a unique alliance between an apparel brand and a digital marketing agency, enabling the brand to directly target audiences of film franchises, musicians and artists with each specific release.

Radio Velvet launches with a 10-strong limited edition, world exclusive artist collaboration to commemorate the release of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, The Last Jedi. Acclaimed artists include Lister, Justine McAllister, Adnate, Ken Taylor, Luca Ionescu and Rik Lee.

New “world exclusive” or limited edition t-shirts will be released each week, often in concert with an original artwork and numbered prints. All art pieces – cotton, canvas and paper will be collectable and valuable.

December and January will also see rare photographic and artistic limited edition releases from the archives of music acts such as The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, INXS and Monty Python, before a major Radio Velvet and Marvel art exhibition is activated.

Designer, publisher, curator and owner of the Australia’s largest T-shirt collection, Eddie Zammit, has also joined the team as Creative Director. Collectively, the team at Radio Velvet have connections with an extraordinary array of artistic/photographic talent from around the globe.

Radio Velvet pop up galleries will surface in Sydney and Melbourne over the coming months. Radio Velvet limited edition T-Shirts retail at $75. Artists original artworks and limited-edition prints are also available for purchase online at

Source: Radio Velvet